Drafting Chairs.. Why Do They Even Exist?

What Makes A Drafting Chair Different? These chairs go to great lights for you to sit ergonomically.
They are like office chairs with a few modifications that change its use case.
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Drafting Chairs, What Are They Used For? 1Drafting Chairs, What Are They Used For? 2
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Drafting Chairs
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Drafting Chairs, What Are They Used For? 3Drafting Chairs, What Are They Used For? 4
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Pretty Good
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What Makes A Drafting Chair Different?

A drafting chair is an ergonomic chair with a few modifications, such as an extended pneumatic cylinder & a foot-ring (foot rest).

Extended Height

The base and cylinder stretch so that the seat is higher than normal; typically topping out above 30 inches.

The standard ergonomic office chairs max’s out at a height of about 20 inches in most office chairs.

Foot Rest

Since the height of the chair extends to the point, most people can’t have both feet flat on the ground. Most drafting chairs include a foot ring to keep the sitter’s feet from sawing.

What May Missing In a Drafters Chair?

Depending on the height of the chair, casters (wheels) may not be available with these types of chairs for safety concerns.

Armrest are usually 2D but sometimes not even necessary. In certain situations mobility is more valued over comfort </3.

Five Features Your Next Drafting Chairs should support

Features Use Case Check
Reinforced Pnumatic Cylinder Stops Seat From Sinking After Long Periods of Sitting
Reinforced Casters Look For Wheels That Have a Locking Lever, For Safty
Back Rest Without a Backrest It's Just a Stool!
Foot Rest Having Your Feet Grounded Is Important For Posture
Arm Rest Optional, Depending If Mobility Is Valued Over Comfort ✔/✘

There is more to a drafting chair than 5 features. Such as the seat-tilt mechanism for added control or waterfall edge seating to contour with your lower body.

The most important thing is that this chair eases discomfort after long periods of sitting.

Drafting Chair Features
Source: Eurotech Seating, The Apollo Drafting Chair

Practice Safe DoseWho Uses A Drafting Chair?

These are not for your typical workstation, drafting chairs have specific use cases. Such as continuously getting up or matching the height of a taller work space.

We find most drafting chairs behind standing desk, movies sets, and even tables of architects.


Architecture is an industry that will always be at the forefront of technology.

Over past decades they have adapted from drawing on drafting tables to drawing on digital tablets.

One piece of the technology that has not changed for them is the drafting chair.

We commonly preferred them over traditional office chairs for their adjustability and mobility to get up & sitting down frequently.

While things may have changed dramatically in terms of how architects conduct their day-to-day work, the simple chair will always be essential.

Brandon Hubbard | The Architect's Guide


It takes half a dozen steps to finish the scientific method. Whether it’s microscopic or macroscopic, a chemist is constantly moving around their workstation.

The usual day of a chemist comprise measuring, analyzing, synthesizing, and creating new substances. These daily activities also comprise standing and sitting frequently. Drafting chairs accommodate the high-standing desk and are more ergonomic than sittings stools.

Booth Operators

Ticket booth attendants commonly use drafting chairs because the table their conducting business on is usually higher to accommodate standing customers.

Video Production Directors

This is only half true, it’s generous to say that a director’s chair is a drafting chair. Most of these chairs have a foot-rest but lack the ergonomics considered a drafter’s chair.

Security Guards

This is has been covered in Seinfeld, “The Maestro” when George goes shopping is bothered because the security guard must stand all day.


Eurotech | Apollo Drafting Chair

Materials:  Polished Steel base; Plastic; Mesh Fabric
Seat Depth: Approximately 19.3″ Inches
Seat Width: Approximately 20.5″ Inches
Armrest: 2D (⇅)
Footrest:  Yes
Assembly Required: Yes
Drafting Chairs, What Are They Used For? 1Drafting Chairs, What Are They Used For? 2

Link to HVST141 Sadie Chair *

The Eurotech  Apollo DFT9800 drafting chair was used with taller desk. They changed features from a regular ergonomic office chair, such as the pneumatic adjuster (Height Adjustment).

This chair is the best bang for your buck in terms of quality and price.

The waterfall seat design and foot-rest complement each other and make for a great seating experience.

  • The leg rest is sturdy and at a ergonomic height.
  • Lint can easily get stuck in the mesh of the back rest seat pad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers From Chair Owners, Manufacturer Official Specs, & Online Communities
They designed the Eurotech Apollo Drafting Chair to support a sitter who is 6″2′ Foot and up to 250lb. (113 kg)
The Eurotech Apollo Drafting Chair has 2.8″ Ratchet Back height Adjustment
With the seat dimensions at its lowest is 23.2″ inches from the floor and at it’s highest 32.7″ inches
Yes, some sitters in fact that the foot-rest slides down with time and the biggest downside to this chair is that there is no way to tighten the foot-rest into position.
If this sinking seat problem is happening to you, and you enjoy DIY projects. I wrote up on How To Fix A Sinking Chair.
No, The Eurotech Apollo is not designed to fit a headrest.
Overall Dimensions: 25″ x 24″ x 40-49″ (W x D x H)

Harwick Evolve | Drafting Chair

Max Weight: 325 lb. / 147 kg
Materials: Mesh; Metal; Plastic
Seat Depth: 26″ inches
Seat Size: 19″ x 19.5″ inches
Adjustment: 2-to-1 Synchro tilt
Armrest: Pull-Down
Footrest:  Yes
Assembly Required: Yes
Drafting Chairs, What Are They Used For? 3Drafting Chairs, What Are They Used For? 4

Link to Harwick Evolve​ Chair *

The Harwick Evolve drafting chair is for large and tall folks using larger than normal desk. The chair’s features are simple in design, but thoughtfully engineered with high-quality materials.

The pull-down armrest is covered with thick cushions even though may be the most basic adjustable armrests.

Compared to a regular ergonomic office chair, the Harwick Drafting Chair uses a taller pneumatic adjuster (Height Adjustment).

The base of the chair also has a 20-inch adjustable chrome ringed foot-rest to compensate for the seat’s height.

This chair is the feature packed in terms of quality and price.

Harwick creates a great sitting experience by equipping a breathable mesh backrests with lumbar support, an ergonomic seat that sports waterfall design, and 2-to-1 synchro tilt that can properly adjust with most workstations.

This heavy duty chair was made for a heavy set sitter and will not sink, even after long periods of sitting. 
Some sitters have reported that the mesh seat is uncomfortable to use after a full days work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers From Chair Owners, Manufacturer Official Specs, & Online Communities
The Harwick Evolve Drafting Chair has a maximum height of 31.0″ inches.
Yes, The Harwick Evolve Drafting Chair is shipped with casters shown.
Yes, The Harwick Evolve Drafting Chair has plenty of tilt; Angle Between Seat &  Back: 30°
The Harwick Evolve Drafting Chair
has an assembly process that takes approximately 20-40 minutes.

Alternatives to Drafting Chairs

Still on the fence about picking drafting chair for your workstation, here are some alternatives that do a similar job.

Drafting Stool

Similarly designed to a drafting chair except with no back support or armrest. The seat is usually ergonomically shaped and has a minimalist aesthetic.

Recommenced for the “active” sitter, the early bird catches the worm type.

Leaning/Perching “Wobble” Stools

This is more or less the “millennial stool”. If you were to sit on it with a baggy top, it might look like a pole is sticking up your backside.

That being said, this stool is gaining popularity for a reason. It is very ergonomic, because you lean into the seat, it makes it easier to keep your spine perched in a neutral position.

Over time, the spring compress causing the pneumatic cylinder to sink and in effect throwing the ergonomics of your workstation off.

Recommenced for the “active” sitter, the early bird catches the worm type.

Office Chair

The standard chair for standard workstations, usually the best bang for your buck, and has the most customization. Should be avoided for standing desk!

Related Questions

Helpful Info About Drafting Chairs & Some F.A.Q. Answered

They design Drafting chairs to be used with a table, while director's chairs are like beach chairs and designed to for the sitter to only watch what is in front of them.

If you're over 5"8’ ft. & are shopping for a drafting chair, be sure that the height range has a maximum lift over 30" inches.


Any chair under this recommended height will ergonomic issues such as;
  • Shoulder Pain from armrest will not align with desk.
  • Neck Strain from always looking upward at a computer monitor.
  • Lower back pain, from bad posture via no adjustable foot-rest
First, that is very foolish of you..."Choose Your Chair Wisely" is our motto for a reason.


If you’re feeling thrifty and want to do it yourself, all nifty. We created a step-by-step DIY Steel Pipe “Industrial Aesthetic” Standing Desk that cost half the price of name brand ones.

A drafting chair has a back, arm-rest, footrest, and casters. While wobble stools have none of those features and have a design best for leaning on.



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David, Larry, et al. “The Maestro.” IMDb, 5 Oct. 1995, www.imdb.com/title/tt0697726/.

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