How to pick the best ergonomic chair for your office

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Why should I take my office aesthetics more seriously?

Picking the best office chair is not just good for your back!

We all know first impressions are important, prospective clients and customers alike will be more likely to give you business when they see that invest in yourself.

Whether it be commercial or home office, the aesthetics of your workspace is something to take into consideration.

Complementing the workspace setting with office furniture that is both ergonomic and economic is no easy task.

One piece of furniture that your customer is likely to take notice of are office chairs. Picking the perfect chairs to complete your office space is no easy task, here are some tips for deciding.

What will be the chair’s primary purpose?

Before you search for that perfect chair, think about what activities done using this chair? Here a few questions I ask myself to help narrow down your selection.
  • Weight and size of the sitter? (Big & Tall or Short & Small)
  • What type of desk will couple with your chair with? (Traditional, Standing, Drafting)
  • Preferred Material? (Leather vs. Mesh Upholstery)

What is your furniture budget?

There are great chairs at every price tier, but the more you spend the higher quality, the office chair.

From my research, I feel that the sweet spot is between $250 – $500 dollars. Anything less than $150 is a bad investment on your health, and you will probably have to replace it in a couple years.

Price Tier Budget $ $$ $$$
Price In USD Less Than $250 $250 - $500 $500 - $750 Over $750

Office chairs are around $250 or higher last longer than five years and have better warranties than budget chairs. Splurging on an office chair may save money.

Watchout For Knock Off Brands

As gaming chairs rise in popularity, the rise in knock off branded chairs is too. This trend has bled into ergonomic office chairs in recent years.

If you are purchasing an office online, I suggest using the company’s actual website. Amazon prime is convenient for their free two-day shopping, but do your due diligence when buying from a third party.

Picking The Best Ergonomic Office Chair
Albert Besnard 1886, CC0 Public Domain Designation

What qualities to search for when shopping for an ergonomic office chair?

Adjustability + Durability = Ergonomic Office Chair
For the best sit possible, here are eight aspects look for in your next chair.


Key Features Within Ergonomic Office Chairs

Armrest – Some people prefer sitting with no armrest. If you do, however enjoy this signature feature look for 3D or 4D armrest. They offer more customization because they can move in more directions than 2D or fixed arrest. Also look to make sure that the armrest is detachable for when you ever want to go armless.

Lumbar Support – is a must have, but often overlooked because office chairs usually have basic lumbar support. An adjustable lumbar support system is more ideal because you can adjust it to offer the most comfort.

Seat Tilt – The controls are usually below or in front of the chair. This feature lets the sitter adjust their seat forward and backward. Tilt lock enables the sitter to lock the chair in an upright position.

Seat Dimensions -The seat height from the floor and the armrest are important measurements to know when buying a chair. The width and depth of the seat pads is a big factor for petite sitters because it makes most chairs for larger people.

Remember the 90-90-90 Rule, where you have a 90° degree angle at your knees, hips, and arms. This ergonomic posture is usually determined by the chair’s seat dimensions.

Chair Mobility – Swivel is a must. Also make sure the casters (wheels) compliment your floor. Soft casters work best on hard surfaces such as wood or a plastic chair mat. Hard casters are better on a carpet.

Office Chair Wheels Best Use
Soft Caster Carpet / Rug
Hard Caster Hardwood Floor
Rolling Caster Hardwood Floor


Material – Sorry leather lovers, but leather office chairs make my back sweat and don’t age well. I recommend going with a mesh or fabric upholstery for their breathability.

Thick Seat Pads – The seat that hugs your bottom when you sit. Such chairs contour to your back and promote a healthy ‘S’ curve when sitting in it.

Thick Metal Base – Most office chairs have a five star base of casters (wheels).. I especially enjoy the Razor scooter soft casters.

How Much Does A Good Office Chair Cost?
Youth Leaning on Chair Date: 1852, Elizabeth Murray CC0 Public Domain Designation

Related Questions

Helpful Info About Ergonomic Office Chairs & Some F.A.Q. Answered

Is there an actual difference between a regular office chair & a gaming chair?
The most striking difference in design between your average office chair and the run-of-the-mill gaming chair is their appearance.

  • Gaming chairs usually are overall bigger, with a higher backrest than a regular office chair. They are vehemently marked with brand logos and come in a variety of edgy colors.
  • Office chairs are often manufactured in a single design and have modest branding, as well as color choices.

There is more than meets the eye, here is the full story Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs.

Even with an ergonomic chair your back pain may still persist.
Unconventional alternatives to seated-chairs are on the rise. Here are five options to choose from when the office chair ain't cutting it.

  • Exercise Ball
  • Ergonomic Standing Stool
  • Kneeling Chair
  • Recliner Office Chair With Laptop Stand
  • Standing Desk

The latest trend among hipsters is the Dinosaur Office Chair. Its popularity rose because of its ergonomic versatility.


The best thing about this seat is when your body aches you can switch sitting stances; The dino chair’s long neck can a backrest for optimal comfort.

Yes, most casters have a stem size of 7/16" x 7/8" inches.
Finding a quality office chair at a posture perfect size can be a challenge for shorter people. Recommended sitting dimensions are even harder to find on the official chair’s website. Luckily, I did the research for both of us.


Choosing the rite sized chair is important, we wrote all about office chairs for short sitters and how the wrong sized chair can actually affect your health.

Optimal Seating Height For Petite Sitters Average Sitters Large & Tall Sitters
Seated Height 14.0" to 16.0" inches. 19.0" to 16.0" inches. 20" to 28" inches.
Seated Width 15" to 18 inches. 18" to 20" inches. 20" inches. plus
Seated Debth 15" to 18" inches. 18" to 20"inches. 20 inches. plus
Backrest Height 13.9 to 18.0 inches. 18.0 to 22.0 inches. 22.0 inches. plus


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You clicked here to find that first-rate chair, why not stay and learn some self care?

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