The Origin Story

About Chair Pickr & The Individuals Keeping It Afloat
About | ChairPickr

Hello, my name is Claude and enjoy sitting comfortably.

My research into what separates a good sit from the bad started after making a new year’s resolution to have better posture.

Spending over 60% of my day behind either in front of a keyboard or at the wheel of my car led to a near constant back pain.

The progress I was attaining to come after a shift in lifestyle. Which started as frequent breaks and quality stretching, but ended with an ergonomic office chair.

Who We Serve

ChairPickr is a resource created to help others in my situation. That position being someone who has made several big chair purchases over the years.

Only to succumb two aches, pains and disappointment.

ChairPickr serves the sitter who suffers from chronic–less than severe back pain, but is too lazy to do anything about it.

Why not start with a chair? Self care comes in many forms, and we list strictly chair related ones at our sitting center.

Choose your chair wisely

You can call it our cheeky slogan, but over here at chairpickr…we cherish the process.

Our Picking Process

The insiders look into our ranking process and the features we look for in a top choice office chair.

It all starts with the dimensions.

Size | Height & Width

The reason we start here is that although most office chairs are height adjustable; You need sufficient seat depth and width to for optimal comfort.

Keep an eye out for the pneumatic change lever feature so you can you adjust the seat higher up or lower.

Breathable, Posh, or Both?

Upholstery Materials

I Avoid a seat material is too hard to clean or ages quickly. If you get your back wet like me, breathable material will keep the back seats away for longer when sitting for extended periods.

Wheels, Armrest, Head Pad?

Office Chair Extras

There are many reasons for not getting arm rest, but god help your shoulders and neck for those who plan on typing. 

Choosing the correct wheels (Casters) to avoid ripping up your floor is something most often overlooked.

Extras like head pads are usually not all that comfortable, but they’re a de facto feature among gaming chairs.

More About ChairPickr

Chairpickr was created after three straight years of purchasing a “cheap” new office chair. These chairs contributed to my back pain and in effect got me to take an interest in ergonomic chairs.
I wanted to share my knowledge with other sitters in pain and help them avoid the mistakes I did.
We’re chair people. Every day we’re using and reviewing office chairs and related products, staying on top of the workplace furniture trends.
When we discuss products, we are keen on discovering the Likes and Yikes as we’ve been through the evaluation process many times over as opposed to the average sitter.
As long time sedentary sitters, our team is all too familiar with back pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. ChairPickr is a place built on valuing the importance of ergonomics at the workstation.
TBH, It’s a mystery and I don’t know. This chair was an extra one at my job and I got for the sweet deal of free99. Since the start of this project, I established a fund on an ergonomic chair I will not disclose at this time. <3
The logo is a robot and just like modern technology is always changing. I love StarTrek so for now let’s call it data.
There are only so many stock photos of office chairs on the Internet, and I feel it adds character to the site.
Learning about what goes into a quality ergonomic chair has enlightened me on the influence it has on your health.
I have been more mindful of maintaining proper posture and optimal workstation ergonomics.
Chairs are often a looked after piece of technology in our lives and are unsung heros in support us.
Think about it, the only place you spend more time in is your bed. The second most sat in place is your office chair, and it should not be the place to cut corners.

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