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You clicked here to find that first-rate chair, why not stay and learn self care?

Common Chair questions

Deep-Seated Chair Inquires... Answered, You Might Want To Take A Seat & Click!

What Is The Best Ergonomic Chair For Long-Term Sitting? | Top 12

Three DIY Workstation “Hacks” You Can Do At Home

If you’re feeling like a bootstrapper, reduce carbon footprint, or just trying to save money; Here some curated DIY hacks for your work space and how to turn an old swivel chair into an ergonomic one.

Sit, Play, & Work Ergonomically Without Expensive Gear

Broken Chair? Don’t Give Up Just Yet, We Got The Resources

Troubleshooting your chair is not as hard as it looks, but can still be a challenge if not taken seriously. Before you start reading on, check with your chairs manufacturer’s advisory information. Already did all that and still feel stuck?

Here Are Some Common Chair Problems & Fixes

Leather Vs Mesh Office Chiar

Future Research & Past Development

Chair historians use the creation of Bill Stumpf’s “Ergo by Herman Miller” in 1976 as the starting point of modern explorations into comfort.

Another industry leader Stealcase burned through $35 million in R&D, partook in 11 academic case studies, and took just under 5 years of development to get to the market.They continue to lead the way in ergonomic furniture research today.

They conducted a study that records the health impact from sitting in the Steelcase Leap Chair.

  • The results showed that using the Leap Chair in combination with health training groups showed significant improvements in work productivity and overall health.
  • In terms of productivity, Public Sector Companies saw 17.8% increase & Private Sector Companies saw 8.3% increase.


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Hello, My name is Claude and I enjoy sitting comfortable. Research into what separates the good from the bad in the matter of chairs started when I made a new year’s resolution to have better posture.

You clicked here to find that first-rate chair. Why not stay and learn some self care?

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Lengthy Desktop Gaming Leads To Health Risk, Choose Your Chair Wisely

Cheap office chair or cheap gaming chair. It doesn’t matter – here are a few things that will happen when you use a ‘bad’ chair for too long.

5 side effects from not being mindful of your posture

1) Muscle Strain: Sitting for lengthy periods with poor posture places greater stress on muscles and joints. Muscles and joints out of alignment must work harder, leading to chronic pain in the back, shoulders, neck, arms, or legs.

2) Joint Pain: Repetitive Movement Strain–Muscle, which has been over fatigued.

3) Poor Blood Circulation: Sitting with poor posture prevents optimal blood flow. Poor circulation leads to varicose veins, especially in women.

4) Light Headed After Standing Up: Being dizzy or possibly even fainting can also happen upon standing up quickly. Low blood pressure induces this postural hypo-tension.

5) Emotional Disorders: Depression: There have been studies conducted over the years that have found a correlation between negative emotional states and poor sitting posture. 

So your basic body language shows a lot when we sit upright, is to be more alert, energetic, and positive.

On the opposite side, when we slouch, we tend towards lethargy, weight gain, and negative thinking.

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