Should You Snooze In An Office Chair? 10 Side Effects To Know

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Should You Sleep In Your Office Chair?

Is there a correlation to using a chair for cat napping and back spasms?

With the influx of gaming chairs in recent years, more exotic types of swivel chairs have gotten their chance in the market.

In Japan they have a word for napping when you’re out and about; It’s called inemuri and more or fewer means “present while sleeping”.

Sleeping on duty is not as stigmatized like it is in western society, but seen as normal and even a sign of diligence.

10 Side Effects From Sleeping While Sitting

We have all slept in our office chairs before..

If that nap was recent, do you remember feeling any of these positive or negative reactions? My common experience is a stiff neck and sleepy legs, but it’s better than a dirty floor.


  1. Easier to breathe
  2. Better than dirty floor
  3. Eases pressure on tired legs
  4. Compared to laying down, it’s better for digestion–Rest & Digest
  5. Naturally reduces inflammation like acid Reflux


  1. Stiff Neck
  2. Bad circulation for your arms and legs to stay bent and motionless
  3. Your legs may fall asleep
  4. Chair Hair (Like Bed Head, but only back of the head is affected)
  5. Sleeping in your chair increases chances of sedentary illnesses

An Office Chair Equipped For Power Naps, Or More?

Attempting to make napping in your office chair great again.

The Lay-Flat Office Chair from the Japanese Company THANKO has a fold out footrest and can recline back a full 180 degrees.

It has a price tag of around $284.00 US dollars, but is only available through Japanese eCommerce sites. Most reclining office chairs available state side are sold between $150 – $250.

Should You Snooze In An Office Chair? 10 Side Effects To Know 1

The Lay-Flat Office Chair being used for the occasional power nap may be all fine and dandy, but does a leg-recliner all it takes to make an ergonomic sleeping experience?

Office chair power naps between breaks seems like a cheeky idea but in reality can leave you waking up with a stiff back or neck.

Sleepy people say naps are like mini-vacations and experts agree with that sentiment. Industry leaders such as NASA and Mercedes-Benz are adopting the view that napping at the workplace is a healthy way to energize.

Would these two entities of world class engineers use an extendable fold-out office chair?

Most likely No; These chairs are not replacing the Herman Miller Aeron from Apple’s offices. This is an interesting concept but has few implementations in the real world. It may bring more harm to your sleeping patterns than other napping alternatives.

I Do Not Care About sleeping health This chair is all i got & I’m sleepy!

Here are 3 things I do that help me get the most out of napping on a chair.

We all have been too tired to be health conscious. At less fortunate times like during college, I scheduled my day to find an open desk at the library. The convenience of sleeping at your workstation is understandable.

The nap should be no longer than 10-20 minutes. Napping longer than 20 minutes can leave you with sleep inertia, which means grogginess or disorientation.

It’s always cozier using a coat as a blanket, you will fall asleep faster. Neck pillows or rolled up sweatshirts are good makeshift pillows.

Avoid napping too late in the day if you want to avoid disrupting regular sleeping patterns.

Strive for napping should be around the same time every day. Doctors prescribe scheduled naps for people diagnosed with narcolepsy.

Any tips on sleeping in my chair without getting caught?

Whether your mid-day nap is in school or behind your office desk.

Some tactics I found useful when I’m sleepy somewhere I should alert at.

Whether your mid-day nap is in school or behind your office desk. Some tactics I found useful when I’m sleepy somewhere I should alert at.

1) Stuck at your desk? Rest one hand comfortably on your chin or head and place a wordy document out so it looks like your reading, an added touch would hold a pen with your other hand as you sleep.

2) Drop something on the floor. As you reach down to pick that thing up, rest your forehead on your forearm and don’t come back up.

3) If you’re able to lie on the floor under a desk; Then you are the lucky one because most of us have bums bitter over some horrible sitting experience. If anyone asks what you are doing down under the desk, tell them your have computer issues.

Love The Chair You Sit In
The Artist's mother seated at a table CC0 Public Domain Designation

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Helpful Info & Some F.A.Q. AnsweredAbout Office Chairs

Whether you're trying to stay awake or prone to getting sitting pains.

Using a chair, cushion, or bench can help you maintain proper posture throughout lengthy sessions of meditation. These seats will not only keep away sitters fatigue but also keep you focused on the practice and not the pain.


Interested in what meditation chairs are and how they compare to office chairs?You're in luck because we previously discussed if they work any better.

Only if you enjoy sedentary sitters pain in the neck, legs, and back!

Sleeping while sitting depends on the chair. One thing your chair needs to be at is at least a 40° degree recline. The biggest health concern around sleeping while sitting is blood clotting in the larger veins of your lower body, deep vein thrombosis.

Don’t let your boss find out, but a Company that goes by THANKO out of Japan has designed an office chair equipped for sleepy activities. It there has a fold out footrest and can recline back a full 180 degrees, perfect for snoozing

Yes, but it’s expensive and takes up more space in your office.

They're called a nap desk! Created by Greek designer Nancy Leviaditou of Studio N.L. She came up with the idea while studying in an NYC Apartment, the sleep-desk is targeted toward people living in cramped environments.

Image Provided by Studio N.L.


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