Do meditation chairs actually work?

Newcomers to meditation may find it hard to focus and sit still. Meditation chairs come in all shapes and sizes to help you stay consistent. Which type best fits your practices?


Meditation Chairs, Are They Only For Beginners?

Why You Need A Mediation Chair If Your Sitting With Back Pain

Mediation Chairs, How Do They Compare Next To My Office Chair?

The 7 Most Popular Types of Meditation Chairs

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What Are The best meditation chairs for beginner Yogis?

It all depends on the seated position and your flexibility.

Trying to sit still and focus is one of the hardest parts as a beginner mediator. Restless people and sedentary alike find staying in the same place for extended periods almost unbearable.

Mediation Chairs

Meditation chairs/cushions help mediators stay in optimal positions for a long time.

The biggest reason for withdrawing from this activity was sitting still over 10 minutes hurt my tailbone. Using a meditation chair or back rest cushion has gotten me back into the habit of daily mediation.

After getting back into meditation, a question has sparked into my mind… Gaming Chairs V.S. Office Chairs

Why Do I Need A Need A Mediation Chair?

Using a chair, cushion, or bench helps the sitter maintain proper posture throughout long sessions of meditation at a comfortable level.

Sitting still for long periods of time is harder than it looks, and this is especially true for beginners. The positions you have to choose from are based on your flexibility.

A randomized clinical trial tested the effects of meditation and found that daily dose of meditation helps curve chronic back pain by refocusing attention.

It has proven meditation combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy to be more effective than over-the-counter pain relief. These types of results are part of the reason mindfulness is so trendy.

Meditation may be healthier and cheaper when compared to over-the-counter pain relief, but it’s not as easy to do!

I Don’t Have A Meditation Cushion?

DIY Meditation Chair = Office Chair + Bath Towels/Small Rug

 It’s difficult to schedule good habits into your day and not having a fancy meditation tool to sit on is no excuse to give up. Here is a DIY method of getting next to the same results as a meditation cushion.

It’s difficult to schedule good habits into your day, and not having a fancy meditation tool to sit I have started meditation for the first time a dozen times. A good way to keep this activity consistent is by making it as convenient as possible to start; like by using a chair.

Do meditation chairs actually work? 7 | ChairPickr

  • I’m not flexible so my preferred meditation position involves using a chair. I’ve found this helps in keeping me aligned to an upright position. It also makes it easy to meditate in most places since chairs are very common.

Choosing a position that feels comfortable is a healthier experience than attempting full lotus with the possibility of injury.

If you’re just starting to meditate, using a specialized seat offers ergonomic support that will help you stay consistent.

What Are The best meditating chair for sitting with back pain?

best meditating chair for sitting with back pain
For that matter they can use any other chair for this practice!

Depending on how you practice meditation, most people like it low to the floor. These specialized chairs provide proper alignment to enhance posture in a variety of ways compared to office chairs.

What Should I Consider Before Buying A Meditation Sitting Chair or Cushion?

With so many different types of designs, which best fit my needs?

To narrow down the picking process here are few questions to ask yourself.

Ergonomic back support for traditional ‘Old Country Style’?

There is a spectrum for the amount of backrest you desire. I recommend full backrest support for newcomers. Partial and hybrid cushion designs are also ergonomic, but support your back by jerking your hips & pelvis forward.

Is it in constant transportation or just staying in one location?

If your plan is to never take this out of your meditation room, then your options are endless. For the frequent flyers that want to practice on the go, I recommend looking for something that is durable, easy to clean, and fold up for quick transportation.

Can Pretty Get Ethically Sourced? The Style And Brand Go Hand And Hand

I lump these two together because meditation chairs with nice styles and quality are more likely made by a brand of good-nature. These brands source their materials ethically and stand behind their product.

Is it the bench, foldable seat-chair, pillows, or memory foam cushion?

You guessed it. The Buddha Meditation Chair is the most common form because of its back, saving split design support system.

Meditation Bench Takes Weight Off The Legs For Meditators Who Prefer Kneeling Seiza ,Sukassana 🧘🏻🧘🏻🧘🏻
Dual-Cushion Foldable, Easy To Clean, and Compact To Carry Around Burmese 🧘🏻🧘🏻
Large Pillow Cushion 2-in-1 Pillows, Offers Plenty Of Space For All Poses Zabuton 🧘🏻
Small Pillow Cushion Traditional Preferred, Simple, & Easy To Clean Zafu 🧘🏻🧘🏻🧘🏻
Floor Chair Provides Extra Back Support At Ground Level Lotus (Full/Half) 🧘🏻
Ergonomic Seat Cushion Provides Hip & Pelvic Support To Back Posture On a Seat Cushion 🧘🏻
Standard Chair Provides Extra Back Support At Table Level On a Chair 🧘🏻🧘🏻

Seiza Meditation Bench

You can do a wide variety of positions on a meditation bench, but it specializes in kneeling positions. They have space below where you sit to tuck under your legs.

This sitting relieves stress on sore knees and takes weight off the legs, but works best after adding a bottom mat (Zabuton).

Do meditation chairs actually work? 8 | ChairPickrDo meditation chairs actually work? 9 | ChairPickr
Link Lotuscraft Meditation Bench-Chair *
  • Bench Legs Fold Up For Easy Travel
  • Made of high quality wood and upholstery
Difficult to find a compatible size for larger users.
Meditation Bench

Buddha Dual-Cushion-Setup

The Friends Of Buddha: Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair features upholstery available in a variety of unique designs.

The goal behind making the Buddha Bliss was to keep a mediator comfortable even through the longest retreat. It’s easy to travel with due to its folding layout.

Do meditation chairs actually work? 10 | ChairPickrDo meditation chairs actually work? 11 | ChairPickr
Link To  bonVIVO Easy III Floor Chair *
  • Folds Up Easy To Carry Around
  • Proper Back Support For Extended Periods Of Time
Lack Of Natural Materials And There Is No Ability To Adjust The Backrest.
NOT ideal for tall people over (5’11” Feet / 180 cm) .

Zafu (Pillow Seat Cushions)

Standing the test of time, the Zafu has a simple design that is the ultimate sign of sophistication. This meditation chair dates back centuries and is probably what comes to mind when you think of a traditional mediator sitting full lotus in their seat.

Do meditation chairs actually work? 5 | ChairPickrDo meditation chairs actually work? 6 | ChairPickr
Link to Seat Of Your Soul Meditation Chair *
  • Provides Tailbone Support
  • Great For A Variety of Meditation Positions
Hard to wash and the material can attract dirt and or lint easily.

Zabuton (Pillow Seat Cushions)

You can break this cushion down into two smaller cushions. The Zafu is a smaller cushion used for sitting. The Zabuton is the larger mat cushion underneath it. These two in combination make painful meditating positions more comfortable.

Do meditation chairs actually work? 1 | ChairPickrDo meditation chairs actually work? 2 | ChairPickr
Link to Friends of Meditation Chair *
  • Larger In Size
  • Provides Proper Back Support
  • Folds for Easy Travel
Hard to wash and the material and to add insult to injury; the material is also attracts lint and dirty easily.
Meditation Cushion

Zaisu Meditation Floor Chair

These types of mediation chairs are basically folding chairs with no legs. Instead of being wood they are commonly made of memory foam.

Do meditation chairs actually work? 16 | ChairPickrDo meditation chairs actually work? 17 | ChairPickr
Link To NNEWVANTE  Floor Chair *
  • Easy To Cary Around
  • Easy To Keep Clean
  • Provides Proper Back Support
Lack Of Natural Materials And Can Leave Some Sitters With A Sweaty Back Side.

Ergonomic Memory Foam Seat Cushions

Looking for a cushion to help relieve hip pain while meditating?
If you sit with hemorrhoids, tail-bone, sciatica, or back pain, these will add a lot of comfort to your sitting experience? Memory foam meditation cushions are just pain changing!

This memory foam cushion from factor to help you effortlessly sit with proper posture. There are many scenarios this cushion helps with extended periods of sitting.

Meditation is definitely one of these scenarios. These types of cushions are easy to transport, can be sat on for 10+ hours without deflating, and the cut-out hole will make your rear end less sweaty.

Do meditation chairs actually work? 3 | ChairPickrDo meditation chairs actually work? 4 | ChairPickr
Link To Cush Comfort Memory Foam Cushion *
  • TRAVEL READY: Durable, Breathable & Easy to Carry
  • Promotes Ergonomic Posture
Not the perfect fit because one size fits all and will compress too much when sitting on it.
Meditation Chairs
The-Actor-Nakamura-Schichisaburo III and Ichikawa Junzo, 1770, CC0 Public Domain

Are Meditation Chairs Worth It?

Helpful Info About Mediation Chairs & Some F.A.Q. Answered
No, this only seems to be the case because of the influx of beginner level mediators.
Yes, this is actually very common among beginner mediators in classes.

If you plan on sitting still for a long time and don’t know if your back will suffice. There is no shame in leaning against the wall to make the meditation session worthwhile.

Using a meditation chair means you won't be sitting on the floor, getting your behind dirty. A healthier reason to use one is that they promote blood circulation to the lower limbs.


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