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Chairs For Poker Table

The Best Chairs For A Poker Table & Online Competitive Players

What type of chair can enhance your poker play? The optimal sitter should be ergonomic, but not take away from the poker tables elegance... That’s ...
Wearable Chair Pants

Are Wearable Chair Pants The Future In The Workspace? (We Think Yes)

It may seem like a lazy persons dream pants, but the wearable chair is more of an exoskeleton that helps workers move around better.
Sewing Chiars

What Sewing Chairs Are Best For Your Lower Back?

Looking to sit more comfortable on your next sewing project? Sewing chairs make sitting more bearable for sedentary activities and even have niche features.

Why The Best Office Chair Covers Can Change The Way You Sit!

Standing Desk Vs Sitting Desk Comparison

After 2+ Years of Sedentary Sitting, I Spent 2 Months Using A Standing Desk, My Experience & Results

Self reporting on changing workstations - From sedentary sitting to standing desk. Here are my finding after 2 months of daily use behind a standing ...
Chair-Mats Is a Luxury Item

Are Chair Mats Worth it?

Chair mats make rolling around within your workspace much more accessible — Think about your last attempt at rolling an office chair over the carpet? ...


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