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How Chairs Are Made

How Are Office Chairs Made? Research & Development

How Are Office Chairs Made? We discuss research and development, the 10 types of chairs, and the wild amount of customization today sitters are presented with.


21 Gaming Chair Brands You Need To Know About

Who makes the best gaming chair? We researched 21 gaming chair brands to find out!

Do These Chairs Make Gamers Better??

What Gaming Chairs Do The Pro’s Use? Popular Picks From Famous Streamers

Pro gamers & live streamers seem to always have the markets top gaming chair. Given their influential role among the sedentary folk. It’s becoming useful to know what they’re sitting in!

When Should I Get A New Office Chair

Why You Need to Spend Extra On Your Next Office Chair?

We spend on average 8 hours a day in chairs (40 hours per week) . Splurging on something you might spend around 33% of the day is worth the investment.

Wearable Chair Pants

Are Wearable Chair Pants The Future In The Workspace? (We Think Yes)

It may seem like a lazy persons dream pants, but the wearable chair is more of an exoskeleton that helps workers move around better.

Gaming Chair VS Office Chairs

Gaming Chairs V.S. Office Chairs – So What’s the difference?

Other than the racing seat styling is there an actual difference between gaming chairs vs office chairs, or is it just another marketing shtick.


Got Everything But A Chair For Your Home Music Studio? 🤦

We found 11 Ergonomic Chair, Stools, & special seats to help stay in the flow of making beats instead of beating your back up.

Music Chairs

Are Chairs For Musicians Worth It? We Found 7 Picks That Will Change Your Mind

Does Your Back Hurt After Jamming Out? It Might Be What Your Sitting In! There are chairs specifically created for a musician and here is why they’re essential to learning proper technique.

When To Replace Your Chair

Is It Time To Replace Your Old Office Chair?

Should You Replace Your Office Chair Every 5 Years? Do you notice while seated your constantly repositioning and after prolonged sitting you feel upper back and or neck pain? It may be time to replace your chair.



ChairPickr | "Writer"

Hello, My name is Claude and I enjoy sitting comfortable. Research into what separates the good from the bad, in the matter of chairs started when I made a new years resolution to have better posture.

You clicked here to find that first-rate chair, why not stay and learn some self care?

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