Why Your Office Chair Needs A Chair Mat?

Chair mats make rolling around within your workspace much more accessible— Think about your last attempt at rolling an office chair over carpet. It’s almost a workout, but usually cause back pain, or leg strain instead.
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Why should I Use A Chair Mat

Believe it or not most furniture manufacturers will void their warranties unless you use a chair mat!

This is because chair mats offer better protection against scuffs, scratches, and indents caused by the wheels of an office chair. Compared to carpets, chair mats are more accessible and are easier to clean in case of a spill.

Glass Chair Mat VS Vinyl Chair Mats

Chair mats make rolling around within your workspace much more accessible — Think about your last attempt at rolling an office chair over a carpet. It’s almost a workout, but usually cause back pain or leg strain instead.

A lesser-known advantage chair mats have over rugs is that they’re anti static. That means a these mats will save you from potentially frying your computer or other electronics from a static electric shock.

An anti-static chair mat circumvents static electricity from reaching your computer or electronic devices;Using one may save you from the loss of data and sometimes the actual device.

What To Know Before You Buy

Choosing the wrong chair mat can cause damage such as cracking to the chair mat, resulting in needless additional cost.

First things first, check what kind of floor surfaces the mat covers. Hard surfaces, such as a laminate, vinyl tile, or hardwood, need smooth backing. This backing will best protect the floor and keep the mat in place. These are thinner types of mats that have more straight than beveled edges.

The heavier the carpet, the thicker the chair. Thinner mats may crack or permanently bend on heavier carpets. For carpeted floors choose a mat with small spiked cleats, these are specifically designed to hold the mat in place without harming the carpet.

Anchor Chair Mats are specially designed to reduce noise, protect the rug, and make it easier to maneuver around. We place these mats under rugs and or thinner chair mats to keep them in place.

If your workstation includes expensive electronic equipment, it might be worth researching into an anti-static mat. Anti- static mats are just one way to reduce the chances of static shocking your computer into a blue screen.

Chair-Mats Is a Luxury Item
E-10: English Dining Room of the Georgian Period, 1700 - 1790 CC0 Public Domain Designation

Sizing Your Office With A Chair Mat

The Chair Mat Size Guide For All Types Work Station

Make sure the chair mat has enough space to cover your workstation. Too much space is not a big deal, but too little space will bend the sides of the mat.

Assess your workstations area by looking at the total floor space, the size of your chairs bases, and the width of your desk.

Match these dimensions with the standard incremental size that chair mats are sold in.

The Following data was gathered from Amazon, Walmart, & eBay Market Places.*
Chair Mats Industry Standards Economy Small Medium Large
Length and Width of Mat 36" x 48 45" x 53" 54" x 60" 72" x 96"
Thickness of Cushion 100 mil ~ 1/10" 125 mil ~ 1/8" 145 mil ~ 1/7" 200 mil 1/5"

Office Chair Mat Types | Info

What’s Your Budget, The Average Cost
Chair mats come at different prices, vinyl ones are less expensive than wood-finish ones. Therefore, a Vinyl is the best choice for the budget-minded buyer.
Chair Mats Vinyl Glass Plastic Laminate
Beteween 20$ - 60$ 70$ - 300$ 15$ - 280$ 15$ - 350$
Best For Hard Flood Carpet Floor Hyrbird Hybird

DIY Make Your Own Chair Mat

For the people who do NOT want an ugly plastic chair mat to ruin the aesthetic they work so hard to create.

You forgot to budget in a chair mat after spending your hard earned cash on the perfect workstation and ergonomic chair?

If you’re looking to purchase a medium to large mat such as the Aniji Mountain Tri-fold Bamboo Chair Mat can be $200 plus dollars!

Not looking to spend hundreds on a glorified floor covering for your office chair? Here is a cheaper DIY method of creating a premium wooden office chair mats.

STEP 1 | Gather Materials

First, measure out the dimensions of your workspace and decide on how large of a mat you want to create. I’m creating a 4×4 ft square.

  • Go to your local home improvement store and purchase a piece of plywood. Depending on the wood, the 4×4 cut will range in price between $25 – $50 from Home Depot.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring will go on top of this 4×4 piece of plywood. A 4×4 vinyl take home sample is only $3 from Home Depot. There are over 200+ different patterns. Some noteworthy designs I liked are Scratch Stone, Twilight Oak, and Islander Bamboo.
STEP 2 | Create Your Chair Mat

You back from getting your materials and your read to slap the vinyl onto the plywood, not so fast!

  • Lay out the vinyl squares, make sure they’re squared up, and that you can live with the pattern.
  • Sand the plywood, so it will better stick with the vinyl and clean of the sides to customize the lip with the wheels of your chair.
  • Attaching the vinyl to your plywood should take around 10 minutes, it’s a straightforward process.
STEP 3 | Pat Yourself On the Back, You Created Something Cool, & Saved Money.

Compared to premium wood chair mats like the Aniji Mountain (47 x 72, 8mm thick) chair mat, which cost over $200.

DIY Wood Chair Mat
E-19: French Dining Room of the Louis XIV Period, 1660-1700 CC0 Public Domain Designation

Related Questions

Helpful Info About Office Chair Mats & Some F.A.Q. Answered

If an average-sized chair is too big for your tiny home office. A transparent auto floor mat can be used as a cheap alternative. You can find these at your local value.

When dealing with carpets, a soft & thin mat may become difficult to slide the chair around on.

Because of its thickness, it will also develop cracks, and will need replacing earlier than it’s time. Harder chair mats that are packaged ridged (Not Rolled) are more expensive, but last longer.

The most popular option available is clear vinyl, so that the flooring underneath is visible.

There are also colored and patterned vinyl mats for more customization. Some other materials used to make chair mats are Plexiglas, wood finish, jute, sisal & glass.

Chair mats protect your carpet, reduce injury, and fatigue by making it easier to roll around. It can also help curtail electric static damage to your computer.

CHAIR FACT #922 | Wheels are a requirement for a variety of reasons, but the most important one is being ease of mobility around your work space without having to stand up & sit back down constantly.


FUN FACT ~ This design dates back to Charles Darwin, who implemented it in his laboratory to more easily move around.


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Why Your Office Chair Needs A Chair Mat? 1


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