How can lift chair recliners be a life changing purchase?

Nothing will make them feel young again, like independence and the new smell of upholstery.

Have you noticed that you or someone close is struggling to stand up and sit down from a recliner arm-chair? Motorized recliners make this process less bodily intensive and may be worth looking into if you’re interested in:

  • Motorized riser recliners adjust to any angle at just a push of a button.
  • Motorized riser recliners make those less physically able-body more independent.
  • Motorized riser recliners are designed for comfort that promotes proper posture and offer temporary back relief.

The various angles of recline a sitter can tune into makes these chairs ideal for people suffering from indigestion. Those who need to sleep with their legs at an incline should know that the recline functionality makes these chairs excellent for napping.

What Are Lift Recliner Chairs? 

Are They Just Recliner Chairs That Also Rise Up & Down?

Yes, basically a lift chair is a motorized recliner that can both its height and recline, it’s especially designed for less physically able people.

These specialty arm-rest chairs are operated via remote and help the elderly and less mobile individuals sit with more independence.

How Do They Work Differently?

Lift armchairs are always power recliners and use an electric motor to raise themselves and their occupants up.

The act of lifting these heavy pieces of sit is done with an easy press of a button via a wired remote control. Transforming from a TV recliner to a drafting chair helps those with weak hand, arm, shoulder, or leg strength.

The electronic seating adjustments extends from leg rest to backrest, giving it a near infinite amount of sitting positions. If your luck enough to have a chair with built-in massage and heating pad, then those setting are likely above, or below the lift settings.

Lift Chair

Is it time to Buy a new lift recliner for someone older in your life?

Are lift chair recliners actually the best seat for the elderly?

Lets face it, grandmas TV watching reclining chair is the oldest thing in the room besides its occupant. This arm-chair is most likely a mechanical recliner that has a sunken seat cushion. 

Getting an extra leisure chair can be life changing for someone who spends most of their time doing sitting activities. It’s not just for watching stuff, the built in heat pad makes this chair the coziest spot to read, and the massage functionality designates this chair as the place to sit after an interminable day.

The more hours a person sits in a single chair, the more important that chair is of top quality materials. Compared to couches and even traditional recliners, lift recliners are packed with more pillow protection.

What are some considerations before purchasing a lift reclining chair?

  • Are you the kind of sitter to eat or drink in the chair? If the answer is yes, then stay away from mesh fabrics because food smears easier into the upholstery. Leather or vinyl is easier to clean any spills or stains that will inevitably happen.
  • If there is a furry friend who frequently joins your sitting sessions, it might be worth considering a wider than necessary lift recliner chair.
  • Lift Recliners come in all shapes and sizes, the easiest way to filter though the wide variety is to sort through by weight capacity.
Are Lift Chair Recliners The Best Armchairs For The Elderly? 1

What positions can a lift chair recliner Shift into?

(3 Types of Lift Recliner Chairs)

Two-Position Lift Chair

  • The classic lift chair that has only two recline positions; default and 45-degree recline. Most economically marketed lift chairs will sport two-position technologies because it’s the simplest form.
  • Don’t underestimate the ingenuity of these two-positions because they will get them to do what they’re designed to do very well.

Three-Position Lift Chair

  • The not so  classic but still retro type of lift chair. These types have an extra recline position and use the same mechanics as two-position lift chairs. They can make a sizable space for a light nap and will probably be the best seat in the house on movie night.
  • Besides default and 45-degree recline, these chairs can also go back almost nearly full horizontal at a 180-degree reclining position. 

Set-Your-Own Position Lift Chair

  • This is not your grand-dad’s recliner chair… or is it? The modern (Infinite) lift chair is likely remote operated and has almost infinite-positions available.This means you can sit in three positions talked about above and every other one between sitting default and fully reclined back.

Zero-Gravity Position Lift Chair

  • The gravitational forces on your body provided by zero gravity sitting to ease stress.
  •  At this resting position your entire body decompresses and eases pressure at nearly every single pain point. This is done by sitting on a recline so that the sitter’s body weight spreads across the chair evenly to lessen tension on any sore spots.
Lift Chair
La Robe Rouge, 1894 -James McNeill Whistler - CC0 Public Domain Designation

Homelegance Power Lift Recliner


Designed for the elderly, this chair is quick to assembly, remote powered, and has a huge side pocket.

  • Fully Reclines at 63 Inch.
  • Doorway Width: 23 Inch.
  • Upholstery: Faux Leather
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs.
Are Lift Chair Recliners The Best Armchairs For The Elderly? 2Are Lift Chair Recliners The Best Armchairs For The Elderly? 3

Link to Homelegance Power Lift Chair *

Simple in aesthetics, this Power-lift recliner makes up for in features. Straight out of the Jareth Collection and designed for two things – Function and comfort. 

This traditional yet stylish chair comes with a remote power system that has a variety of control settings such as 1 minute segments of vibrations. Along with adjusting the recline, you can also control the levels of heat on the seats. 

The retractable foot-rest can also be manually reclined and is retracted with a physical push of the feet. The cushions are firmly overstuffed and offer support at every touch point between the sitter and the chair.

All these multi-functionality features combined with ageless design make the Homelegance Power-lift chair a welcoming addition to any room.

  • Spacious chair for a medium sized person.
  • High quality leather upholstery that is easy to clean.
  • The control buttons are hard to see.
  • The heat and vibration settings can NOT be turned on individually.

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair


Designed for the elderly, this chair is quick to assembly, remote powered, and has a huge side pocket.

  • Fully Reclines at 65 Inch.
  • Doorway Width: 22 Inch.
  • Upholstery:  Antiskid 
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs.
Are Lift Chair Recliners The Best Armchairs For The Elderly? 4Are Lift Chair Recliners The Best Armchairs For The Elderly? 5

Link to CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair*

The durable metal framing of this recliner chair will have no trouble lifting you up. Its microfiber Antiskid upholstery won’t leave your body hot after an afternoon nap.

With only two buttons, the wired remote to control the CANMOV Power Lift is very simple. The convenient side pocket is so large you might lose the auto controller, even with it wired!

This chair’s simplicity also has some drawbacks. There is no way to put out the footrest without reclining the chair.

  • Easy to install (10 Minute Setup).
  • Large side pouch for storage.
  • Overstuffed cushions for lumbar support.
  • Some sitters complain about the narrowness of the seat itself.
  • The space between the floor and bottom of the chair is too large.
Sewing Chiars
The Salesmans Hoax 1844 Honore-Victorian Daumier, CC0 Public Domain Designation

Related Questions

Helpful Info About Lift Recliners & Some F.A.Q. Answered
Yes, most reimbursements are between $280 - $300 dollars. The five qualifications for this medicare rebate is the following:
  1. You must have Medicare coverage/Medicare (Medical Insurance), or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

  2. You must have a medical physician determine that this purchase is a medical necessity and write up a Certificate of Medical Necessity for Seat Lift Mechanisms form”. 

  3. You mustn’t be able to stand up by yourself from a regular armchair without the help from others. Once you’re fully stood up, you need to be able to walk about, even if it’s with the help of a walker, cane, or something else.

  4. If you have severe arthritis in your knee, hips, or lower back.

  5. If you do not get a lift recliner chair, you would be confined to another chair or bed

Identifying the perfect reclining chair for your body type takes a bit of research.
It’s worth it though because using the wrong-sized chair can lead to an array of health problems. Some recliners have high backs for larger sitters and others have shorter, footrest petite people.
  • Petite Recliners: 5"4 Feet or Shorter.
  • Small Recliners: 5"5 - 5"9 Feet.
  • Tall Recliners: 5"10 - 6"2 Feet.
  • Large & Tall Recliners: 6"3 Feet or Taller.
If you're interested, we covered how to size a reclining chair without a tape measure in a separate article.

Yes, these armchairs are one of the cheapest ways to experience zero gravity. The chairs earn their name by suspending the sitter into a neutral posture so that their feet tilt upwards, aligning with the heart.Zero Gravity Chair Length

Did you know that the technology for these chairs dates back to NASA! We cover that and the mechanics behind these chairs in a separate post.

Yes, there are chairs for many use cases. We highlighted three of them and compared them in various scenarios below.
Features Wheelchair Riser Recliner Shower Chair
Clinically Recommended
Pressure Management
Comfort 🟡 🟡
Ergonomics ✔️
Stand Transfers 🟡
Side Transfers 🟡 ✔️ 🟡
Back Angle Recline 🟡
Leg Elevation 🟡 ✔️ 🟡
Tilt In Space 🟡 🟡 🟡
Lift/Hoist Accessible 🟡 🟡
Outdoor Mobility ✔️


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