Can Office Chairs Be Recycled?

Is your office chair on its last leg?
Before trashing it, check out these environmentally friendlier ways to see if you can recycle that worn down office chair!


Where Can I Recycle My Old Office Chair?

I Have Multiple Chairs To Get Rid Of?

Alternatives On Recycling Office Chairs?

Instead of Recycling, Do This…

Where Can I Recycle My Old Chair?

Does goodwill take office chairs?

The local GoodWill may take it under certain conditions like if it’s brand new. However, they will NOT take your old office chair under the following circumstances.

  • Worn furniture of any kind in poor condition or with any stains Furniture covered in animal hair, broken, worn, torn, stained, or missing parts.
  • Bean bag chairs.
  • Box springs and mattresses

Bonded Leather Chair

Since everybody likes to donate furniture, doing it yourself has gotten harder than it looks because of over-saturation.

People and businesses are updating chairs at a faster rate, and donation centers can’t keep up with the oversupply. 

Donation Centers only have so much floor space and are becoming less likely to take in more furniture. Bringing in a bulky chair to a place without calling first is cumbersome. 

Discovering a donation center that will take your old chair is the most difficult step. Once that’s settled, all there is to be done is dropping off the office chair.

 If the chair your throwing away is a Steelcase product, the companies got a “Zero Landfill Goal ‘’.

Check out the company’s Phase-Two Program to find proper directions on how to disassemble your chair correctly.

You can also talk to a consultant and see if they can get a LEED® certification.

Plan B: Hire A Trash Hauling Service

Unfortunately, only a fraction of the places you can donate an office chair will offer to pick up the furniture.

I Have Multiple Chairs To Get Rid Of?

If you’re in an office environment with too many chairs for one butt to sit in.
Donating them may be time-consuming and untenable for just one person. The most economical and EASY way is to send them off with your preferred trash hauling service.
Can Your Recycle Old Office Chairs
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Alternatives on recycling my office chair?

Here are 7 options to consider when getting rid of your office chair.
Some cities don’t take office furniture or electronics and instead these businesses get stuck piling up this outdated stuff.

Office chairs perhaps have the fastest turnover and are hard to get rid of.

  • Bring Your Chair to a Local Thrift Shop if you believe it’s vintage ‘cool’ 
  • Consider visiting a local thrift-store or you can check the GoodWill donations list here.
  • Bring Your Chair to a Scrap Dealer if your chairs are mostly metal
  • Bring Your Chair to the landfill, Haul It Yourself!
  • When your office chair is unsuitable for sitting, and your garbage doesn’t take it. 
  • Check with your local municipalities if you can leave it to the curb.

Leaving your old office for a new one? 

Businesses with lots of inventory rarely have the resources or time to transfer old furniture themselves to donation locations.

  • Hire a liquidation service, these businesses specialize in buying and selling secondhand office furniture. They handle all the responsibilities, enjoy disassembling and moving what they sell for a 5% – 10% fee.
  • Sell your old furniture at a discount to the new tenants. This is the easiest way to get rid of a lot of office chairs because there is one less thing to think about during the moving process.

Instead of Recycling, Renew Your Old, Worn-down Office Chair

Maybe the chair is too far gone, or perhaps you’re just feeling crafty.

Reupholster your office chair: If your chair has little to no cosmetic scrapes or bumps and the only worn down piece is the seat.

Renewing your chair via reupholster is a fun project that involves tearing down the old seat pad, adding in memory foam, and stretching new fabric over it.

If you are interested, here is a great walk through tutorial by Instrucatables on how to reupholster a worn down office chair seat.

If you’re feeling saucy and want a cheap comfy chair. The staff of Dornob put together a DIY guide on how to make a chair using some plywood, threaded metal rods, some bolts, and a rubber hose.

Best Office Chairs - Stop Sitting Pain!
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Related Questions

Helpful Info & Some F.A.Q. Answered About Office Chairs

It depends on your locations, but remember to ask for a quote first!

Rates vary from location, look for a service that uses a simple rate that is based on the volume of the load size. Ask for a quote before making any agreements because some removal companies charge the dump fees back after the removal.

We found some solutions to recycling your office chair if you're interested.

Show some love to your old sitter and consider these ideas below.

  • Decoupage your chair, which basically is pasting painted paper cutouts onto a chair.


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