Office Chairs Sized For Short People

We all know about the Big & Tall as an industry standard, but what about the Short & Small? Before buying a new one, consider office chairs sized for short people.


Petite Chair Picks for Small Sitters

How To Get Perfect Posture

When It Comes To Chairs, Size Matters

Can The Wrong Size Chair Affect Health?

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Health Risk Petite People Sit With Using Office Chairs That Are Too Big

Looking for the best office chairs sized for short people? Office Chairs not within the “Goldilocks Zone” of the sitter may lead to health concerns. Here are two problems petite sitters typically face when using large office chairs.

  • Too high a seat may cut off circulation to the lower legs

  • Too deep a seat may create circulatory problems for the lower legs. A proper fitted seat will have a space of about two to four fingers’ width between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knee.

An improperly sized chair can cause hunching and even pinch a nerve in your neck. Shoulder injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome are the more likely outcomes.

A minor issue the smaller sitters typically face is the lumbar support and headrest are out of alignment. Most chairs cannot be practically modified in regard to such features. To add something for people of heavier builds; shorter base pneumatic cylinder lower the range of height adjustability.

  • Get a pillow or support cushion to compensate for the height difference without having to do a DIY project.

  • Throw down a piece of 3/4 inch plywood for your chair to sit on. Don’t cheap out, get a high-quality piece and then stain it to make it look like hardwood.

  • Cut off the legs of your desk to your ideal height. Side note, I constructed my desk and used copper pipes for legs so I can customize the desk to any chair I purchase.

If you need more direction? We created a guide so you can make your own DIY ergonomic workstation to save both your money and achy back.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Designed for Petite People?

Office chairs are typically designed with medium-sized body types in mind. A significant portion of the market has been neglected. Women and short men have both been struggling to locate a chair that works well with their size. Despite not being as large as the ‘Large & Tall Sitters’, office chairs for petite people do exist!

Office Chair Chart By Size

It can be difficult for shorter people to find a quality office chair that fits them perfectly. It can be hard to locate the correct measurements for sitting on the chair’s website. Luckily, I did the research for the both of us.

What Is The Optimal Height Chair For Petite Sitters?

Optimal Seating Height For Petite Sitters Average Sitters Large & Tall Sitters
Seated Height 14.0" to 16.0" inches. 19.0" to 16.0" inches. 20" to 28" inches.
Seated Width 15" to 18 inches. 18" to 20" inches. 20" inches. plus
Seated Debth 15" to 18" inches. 18" to 20"inches. 20 inches. plus
Backrest Height 13.9 to 18.0 inches. 18.0 to 22.0 inches. 22.0 inches. plus

This data was gathered from Amazon, Walmart, & eBay Market Places.*

Choosing Office Chairs for Smaller Individuals

The majority of office chairs are created with the average person in mind.

Up until recently, the industry has overlooked a substantial portion of the market. Both women and shorter men have difficulty finding a chair that fits correctly.

If you’re of a small or shorter stature, there will be a limited selection of office chairs for you to choose from. We are fortunate to inhabit a world with the pneumatic chair cylinder. The standard office chair is intended for users within the 5th to 95th percentile, independent of any pneumatic lift features. A 5’2″ woman who is considered petite will almost certainly discover their office chair is not the right size for them.

Seat Height

Office chairs generally have a seat height starting at 16” and going up to 19” and a back height of 20” to 28” for larger and taller people. Nevertheless, the best seat height for a shorter individual is between 14” – 16” inches.

If you’re 5 feet tall and have an ideal seated height of 14 inches, you have very few options when it comes to shopping for an office chair. The typical problem isn’t limited to the ideal seated height. If you don’t adjust the armrests on the desk correctly, it can lead to severe shoulder pain. I can personally attest to this after buying a “Large and Tall” office chair when I was fourteen years old.

Seat Depth

When the seat is fitted correctly, there should be two to four fingers’ width of space between the front edge and the back of the knee.

  • Too deep of a seat may create circulatory problems for the lower legs.

  • Too high a seat can make your legs and back side fall asleep by restricting circulation. 

 (If this is the only problem, a footrest is a quick fix.)

18″ or less is usually the most suitable seat depth for people who are shorter in height. To keep away from shoulder pain, stay away from anything 19″ or above.

Support Features

Some people prefer armrests, while others don’t want them at all. Inspect the armrest padding when assessing the quality, and ensure it won’t cause your elbow to ache.

I like the 4D gaming armrests best because they give me a more exact fit in my workspace. If you’re trying to understand what makes 3D and 4D armrests different, here is an explanation for you.

The Lumbar Support will adjust itself to the shape of your spine and help you to maintain good posture. Many chairs have a design with fixed support cushions that do not fit small people.

This feature is offered in two variants. The cushion of certain chairs has an in-built lumbar support and is adjustable in height. Detachable foam “pillows” that can be adjusted to increase height are also a popular option.

The standard of each chair can vary, however the most crucial factor is that the lumbar support can be adjusted.

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Sitting Tips for Smaller Sitters

Here are some ideas on how to make it more comfortable if you’re sitting in a chair that’s too big. Let’s make this a temporary solution. A chair that fits your back properly will be appreciated.

Make sure you are evenly distributing your weight while seated, with both feet flat on the ground. You should get a footstool if the chair is too tall for your feet.

Make sure you adjust the armrests to suit your comfort needs. Changing the height is straightforward, but if you need to modify the width. The seat usually has a cap or a few bolts that have to be unscrewed and adjusted.

If your legs are too long to fit beneath the desktop, you should still be able to cross them over your knees comfortably.

You need to upgrade to a desk that’s the right size. If you are low on money, piling up bricks or hardcover books under each leg is a cost-effective solution. Searching for more information on achieving perfect posture? We wrote tips that promote healthy posture at the workstation.

Office Chair Sittings Tips For Short People

Most chairs are not designed for those who are petite. Those with a smaller frame need an additional seat cushion or footrest, or both, to make up for it.

Posture yourself as if you’re riding a horse.

  • Prolonged sitting in office chairs can cause us to slouch. Make sure your body is alert by sitting up straight, with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Don’t lean back, sit more upright.

  • Refrain from forcing yourself to use the backrest. Keeping your back straight and sitting close to the front of the chair can help prevent pain for small people.

Lose The Armrest

  • If your chair’s armrest can’t be adjusted, it could be counterproductive. Shoulders can become strained if the armrests are too small or too large.

I recently gave this a try with my own chair and saw that it had some use. It’s my humble opinion that you can get closer to your desk more comfortably.

Good Posture = Health Benefits

It’s difficult to maintain proper posture in an office chair that isn’t comfortable. Paying attention to your posture can result in the following health advantages.

Increase In Mood:

  • Proper posture will make you feel better. Try it out now if you’re not already doing it. Being called a “slouch” is derogatory for a reason, it portrays a lower self-stem. The only cooler thing than cigarettes is perfect posture.

Increase In Attention:

  • Posture is a reliable way to help you stay focused in an instant.

Reduced In Headaches:

  • When you slump or curl inwards, your head also droops. Sitting for too long will increase the likelihood of a headache due to muscle tension.

Opens Diaphragm:

  • Breathing while slouching for lengthy periods of time compresses your lungs and makes it more difficult to breathe. Maintaining proper posture will open up your diaphragm and allow more air into your lungs.

Less Constipation–Better Poops:

  • Sitting slouched in your chair compresses your body and its organs. Prolonged inactivity can influence the body’s overall efficiency, particularly digestion.

Decreases Back Aches:

  • Good posture helps to ease discomfort due to the strain put on the neck, shoulders, and spine that is caused by sitting incorrectly.

Decrease Stress on Muscles:

  • Placing yourself in an uncomfortable position, such as resting one leg on the desk or leaning your body against a wall, can cause strain on your hip and joints.

Our Pick For Budget for Petite Sitters

XUER | Ergonomic Chair

Seat Depth: Approximately 21″ inches
Armrest: 2D (⇅)
Lumbar support: Yes (Adjustable)
Max Weight: 330 lb.
Assembly Required: Yes
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Pretty Good
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q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07QG4PZQS&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=chairpickr 20&language=en US | ChairPickrir?t=chairpickr 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07QG4PZQS | ChairPickr

Link to XUER Chair Selection*

The Compact ergonomic office chair was designed with shorter individuals in mind. The pneumatic adjuster (Height Adjustment) has been altered to better suit the needs of users of a smaller stature.

The office chair has a footrest extension and a cushion with a breathable, thick mesh padding. The headrest can be set to various heights, up to 3.9 inches, and be tilted up to 30° degrees for extra attention to detail.

Ideal for long-term use. The chair can be tilted back anywhere between 90° – 120° degrees, making it perfect for both work and fun activities. 90 day refund policy if you’re not satisfied.


  • The casters are top quality “Razor Scooter Type Wheels” and the base is metal, making this a durable chair.
  • The headrest, armrest, and seat are all very adjustable for the petite sitter.


  • Taller people may find that this chair is uncomfortable because it will dig into the back of their legs. 
  • NOT for tall and large bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers From Chair Owners, Manufacturer Official Specs, & Online Communities
This chair armrest at its lowest height from floor is 25.6″ inch. The lowest seat height from floor is 16.5″ inch.
You can adjust the armrest themselves up to 2.75″ inch.
Yes, but the armrest are bolted on, and you will need the proper tools to remove them.
Above average, it designed especially the casters for carpeted floor compared to the smaller standard dual-wheeled casters.
The XUER ergonomic office chair has a fabric-like mesh.
Our Top Pick For Petite Sitters

Steelcase Amia Office Chair

Dimensions: 24.75L x 26.63W x 42.5H inches
Seat Depth: Approximately 21″ inches
Armrest: 4D (⇅,⇆,⤡)
Max Weight: 300 lb.
Assembly Required: No
Feature Rich
Pretty Good
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01MTBAGG6&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=chairpickr 20&language=en US | ChairPickrir?t=chairpickr 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MTBAGG6 | ChairPickr

Link to Steelcase Amia Chair Selection*

Crafted with 97% recyclable materials, this Compact ergonomic office chair was designed with the shorter user in mind. The company created the pneumatic adjuster feature specifically for shorter people. The Steelcase Amia has more features than many other office chairs in the market. This Steelcase chair has been fitted with their exclusive LiveLumbar™ technology. You can tailor the dimensions perfectly with its great back height. The adjustable seat depth prevents back pain and discomfort during long sitting sessions.


  • The Amia chair’s backrest uses with Steelcase proprietary technology called LiveLumbar™.
  • Instead of the usual cushion, the Amia has a system of flexors that attunes to your back consistently.


  • Being that this product is shipped fully assembled, there is a higher chance of the chair coming with scrapes, bruises, and pieces poking out where they shouldn’t be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers From Chair Owners, Manufacturer Official Specs, & Online Communities
Yes, this chair flexes with the sitters movement using proprietary technology called Livelumbar™️ that supports your back.
They designed the Steelcase Amia Office Chair for both petite and plus wide sitters. It can easily hold a person of 300 lbs.
The adjustable seat depth slides from 21.75″ to 24.75″ so about 3″ inches. 
The chair is shipped fully assembled.
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Related Questions

Helpful Info About Office Chairs For Petite Sitters & Some F.A.Q. Answered

In a nutshell, ergonomics describes an environment that is designed to be comfortable and suitable for human beings.

  • Don't let the word "ergonomic" fool you - a chair may not be suitable for you even if it has that label.

  • Shorter sitters who have worked in an office setting know this through experience. There is no such thing as a “One Size Fits All” and picking an ergonomic chair built for your height/weight is a must!

  1. A great trick to use between getting the right chair and sitting in it is to put a foot-stool under your feet so they are on the floor. For lumbar support, use a support cushion. If you’re a DIY sitter you can use a firm memory foam pillow and bungee cord it around the back seat pad of your chair.

  2. Utilize books to raise your desk, so that your eye line is in line with your computer monitor.


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