Are Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs better for your back compared office chairs?

If sitting is the new smoking, than what is kneeling?
5 reasons why kneeling chairs are better then other types of ergonomic chair and five ways they are not!


Ergonomic Kneeling chairs – what are they anyway?

How Are kneeling chairs Ergonomic?

What Are The Pros & Cons To Using A Kneeling Chair?

What Are The Seven Niche Kneeling Chairs?

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs V.S. Standing Desk?

Kneeling Chairs & Balans - What Are They Anyway?

Strange in their appearance. Do they belong behind an office desk or used in physical therapy?
Trick answer, they apply in both! If you’re the sitter who feels they can’t stay still using a traditional office chair. Kneeling chairs enable the body to sit in a more ergonomic posture, which eases pain points common in traditional office chairs.
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Kneeling chairs enable an individual to sit in an ergonomic posture, this healthy habit eases pain points common in conventional office chairs.

What Makes Kneeling Chairs Different From Office Chairs?

The name kind of gives it away. These chairs are for kneeling instead of sitting on your behind. Unlike sedentary sitting, this method of resting strengthens your back and core muscle.

There are studies even showing evidence that suggest that ergonomic kneeling chairs with a degree inclination of +20° can help realign poor posture considerably more than conventional office chairs.

Are Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs better for your back compared office chairs?

How Are Kneeling Chairs healthier Than Office Chairs?

Opposed to other ways of sitting, kneeling enables the pelvis to tilt forward.
Getting a healthy posture is one of many benefits to kneeling at your workstation. This unique way of sitting lets your spine naturally adapt to its proper alignment.
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Kneeling is a great pose to strike after eating an enormous meal, compared to laying down or sitting. Kneeling helps with digestion by opening your pelvis so it’s less compressing on internal organs.

These chair’s position your thighs at a 110° angle measured to traditional chairs which leave your thighs at a sedentary 90° angle.

The difference makes digestion smoother and enables your hips to slide forward so that body weight distributes easily.

The Positive & Negative Effects From Using A Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Help Correct spinal alignment and promote healthy posture. Not as easy to get out of compared to traditional chairs.
Continued use will build up back and core muscle. Continued use may add pressure on the shins that causes pain.
Better for your knees compared to traditional chairs. Little to NO leg movement while seated.
Economically Distributes Weight Through Kneeling. Can make your shins and knees sweaty.
Increase energy and productivity. Restricts blood circulation in the legs during long sessions.

Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs By Type

No matter your workstation situation, there’s a kneeling chair for your knees.

Single Padded Kneeling Chair

Single Padded Kneeling Stool The most common type of kneeling chair and often priced economically. These are height adjustable and usually equipped with casters (wheels) for mobility.


Double-Padded Kneeling ChairDouble Padded Kneeling Chair

This padded kneeling chair is different in that there are individual pads for each knee. Resting with on two pads opposed to one separates the legs promotes healthier posture.

Saddle Kneeling Chair

ChairPickr If you enjoy riding a bicycle, then you going to love working on the saddle stool kneeling chair. This style chair uses the benefits of both kneeling and saddle stool style sitting to ease lower back aches.


Deluxe Kneeling ChairDeluxe Office Chair

If you’re willing to spend extra to get the experience of both kneeling stool and office chair? Then this is your next kneeler! Unorthodox in their appearance, these types of kneeling chairs get their name from the deluxe amount of features equipped.


Kneeling Office ChairKneeling Office Chair

The key difference between this type and other kneeling chairs is the pneumatic cylinder which is used to adjust height of seat pad.

Executive Rocking Kneeling ChairExecutive Rocking Chair

The high quality materials used in the production of this chair give them their name. Usually leather covered memory foam pads, shellac wood finish, and an overall premium feel.

Single Padded Kneeling StoolSingle Padded Kneeling Chair

Similar to a single padded kneeling chair, but cheaper and offering no adjustability. They’re as simple as two basic pads, standard casters, and a wood frame.

Signs You Should Use A Kneeling Chair At Your Home Workstation?​

You know, it’s a time when your lower back hurts from sitting too long.

A big red flag to notice while working is when sitting pain gets to the extent you cannot perform any task.

Less noticeable signals could be dull aches in your lower back, shoulder pain, and an overall tightness of the muscles.

  • Many kneeling chairs converts are from degenerative disk diseases like scoliosis, herniation disk, and other chronic back pains.

Even if you’re not suffering from severe issues, kneeling opposed to sitting is a great remedy in lightening sitter’s fatigue.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs Act As A Great Secondary Seat!

Kneeling chairs do NOT have to be your daily sitter and can complement your existing ergonomic office chair. Using one is a good to improve posture and ease back pain, but it won’t win the war on sedentary sitting.

A common way to combat sitters fatigue is by changing sitting posture every time your body stiffens.

If you have the space, alternating between chairs is a better alternative to increase the variety of sitting positions.

Kneeling Chair VS Standing Desk

How Do Kneeling Chairs Compare To Standing Desks?

So Which is the more viable alternative to your office chair?
Both the kneeling chair and standing desk have become overnight trends throughout offices within the United States.

Both are very different in appearance, but solve the similar problems. Which way of easing sitters fatigue is a rite for you?

Sitting With A Kneeling Chair

Usually Cheaper, Easier To Fit In Work Space, Better for Gaming.

  • If you are already happy with your workstation and just need an alternative way to sit. Kneeling chairs are a great second seat for when your lower back gets fatigue from sitting.

Settle At A Standing Desk

Usually Higher Quality, More Adjustable, Better for Your Health.

  • If you’re about to rebuild your workstation from the ground up, a hybrid standing desk is the best of both worlds. Although they take up more space, they are worth the extra spending if you want to spare your body from aches & pain.

This side-by-side comparison on workstations is part of a two month self report that I did on the transformation process from sitting to standing desk.

Are Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs better for your back compared office chairs?
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Related Questions

Helpful Info About Kneeling Chairs & Some F.A.Q. Answered
Thought about trying an exercising ball as an alternative?

These tools for exercises are not as healthy as they look. Some experts argue purchasing a $30 ball won’t solve any more problems than a budget office chair.

Two often recommended office chair alternatives; but which is best?

Both change the process of how you sit. Exercise balls, however, encourage active sitting differently. The squishy surface of an exercise ball increases the amount of micro-movements performed while sitting, which increases muscle core strength.

We created a chart comparing Kneeling Chairs & Yoga Balls as office chair alternatives, so you can better decipher their differences.

COMPARING Kneeling Chair Exercise Ball
Distribution of Weight Ergonomically Distributes Weight Through Kneeling. Eases Pressure on Lower.
Height Adjustable ✔️ YES ⛔ NO
Average Height 29" - 32" inches. 55 cm or 65 cm.
Take A Break Every 30 Minutes. Every 20 Minutes.
Mobility ⛔ Stuck In Place. 🧍 Free Standing.
After Long Sitting Sessions Puts Pressure On The Shins. Puts Pressure On Lumbar And OR Spine.
Great For Specific Use Cases Like Chronic Back Pain A Sedentary Sitter That Wants To Exercise.

Exercise balls are not a great for sitting on their own unless accompanied with a frame. Even with dual wheeled casters they are better for physical therapy than being an office chair alternative!

More so than kneeling chairs, exercise balls offer poor back support after long sitting sessions. If you’re using either chair for short-term work, there should not be a difference in negative effects.

Overtime, however, the lack of ergonomics in exercise balls makes kneeling chairs the healthier secondary option for a work chair.


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