Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs
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Other than the racing seat styling is there an actual difference between gaming chairs vs office chairs, or is it just another marketing shtick.


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Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs

Similar to speed-runs, gaming chairs have risen in popularity in recent years.

Other than the racing seat styling, what’s the actual difference between a regular office chair and a gaming chair, or just another marketing shtick?

Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Below is a table breaking down the most sought after features for regular office chairs, ergonomic office chairs, and gaming chairs.

Leather Vs Mesh Office Chiar

We gathered this data from Amazon, Walmart, & eBay Market Places.*
Features Regular Office Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Gaming Chair
Recline 90° - 110° 90° - 170° 90° - 170°
Arm Rest 2D (⬌) 2D, 3D (⬌⬍) 2D, 3D, 4D (⬌⬍⬊⬋)
Types of Arms Usually Flip-Up, T-Arms, Loop Arms Usually Flip-Up, T-Arms Usually T-Arms
Foot Rest
Head Rest Pillow
Lumbar Suppot System
Tilted Angle Lock
Breathable Design
Thick Cushions
Colors Usually Black or Brown Usually Black or Silver Full Spectrum
Wild Card Feature No Wheels Chrome Wheels Bluetooth Speakers
Materials Used Faux Leather, Linen, Mesh Fabric, Vinyl Faux Leather, Linen, Mesh Fabric, Vinyl Faux Leather, Linen, Mesh Fabric, Vinyl
Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs
The Duel with Swords, 1622 Public Domain Designation
CC0 Public Domain Designation

At first glance at the battle between gaming chairs vs office chairs, gaming has the edge over the office chairs.

The most striking difference in design between your average office chair and the run-of-the-mill gaming chair is their appearance.

  • Gaming chairs usually are overall bigger, with a higher backrest than a regular office chair. They are boldly marked with brand logos and come in a variety of edgy colors.
  • Office chairs are manufactured in a single design and have modest branding and color choices.

Fake Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs, compared to office chairs, get shipped out with more accessories, like a headrest cushion and lumbar support pillows for added comfort.

(I should say it that these accessories vary in quality depending on the manufacturer.)

Office Chairs Vs Gaming Chairs
|Ergonomic Differences In Design

More often than not gaming chairs sport a racing design and this is more than just an aesthetic The curves of the seat and backrest offer less roomy sitting area that some shorter people find them uncomfortable.

Ergonomic Office Chair Parts Names

Traditional office chairs focus on ergonomics over edgy designs. You’re more likely to find adjustable lumbar support built-in to their design.

They do not require added plush pillows to promote healthy posture.

The most common gaming chair armrest are 2D armrest these only move up and down.


While 3D armrest moves both vertical and horizontal; so you can adjust them to your desired height.​


Which Chair Is Comfortable and Durable With Design In Mind?

If you’re sitting for long hours like most gamers do, a regular office chair won’t cut it after 3 or 4 hours into your binge session.

Your body will hunch over and fidget around. Maybe your arm gets stiff.


Most unfortunate of all…
it’ll ruin the gaming experience!
Bonded Leather Chair

I know this from past incidents.
Before starting this project (chairpickr),
I was replacing office chairs annually.

Side by side, a gaming chair’s seat pad is thicker and their arm-rest on average more durable. Compared to most office chairs, gaming chairs will have both lumbar support and head rest pads as packaged features.

E-WIN Champion Series
Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

With antidotes from online chair enthusiasts, friends, and hours of research; I’d say in the pick between gaming chairs vs office chairs.

Gaming Chairs offer more color choices and accessories like attachable pillows and higher quality wheels that won’t tangle up rolling over wire.

If you’re in the market for a powerful seat that eases poor posture—an office chair is the better choice, but if you have the budget. I’d consider the higher quality ergonomic office chair designs from quality brands.

Sitting In Chairs For Too Long Like Gaming

What To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Chairs Vs Office Chairs?

Are there any differences compared to the traditional Office Chair?

Height and Weight

Are you either 6’5 and weigh over 250 lbs? If so, then a gaming chair might not be the best seat for your stature. Because of its racing design, your height and weight will be the deciding factors into which chair to get for optimal comfort.

We created an optimal seating height table,so you can easily find which chair size compliments your body proportions.

There Is NO One Size Fits All Chair, Always Check Height & Weight Requirements of Chair Before You Purchase!


Most office chairs don’t have to bear the burden of looking cool, gaming chair manufacturers allocate much more resources into the design.

This is obvious from the race car inspired aesthetic and premium materials used.

Office Chair Materials

One drawback, however, is that it leaves less room on the table for more important features like ergonomics and comfort.

In fact, most racing design components aren’t always conducive to comfortable long periods of stationary sitting.

This is true if you like to change positions a lot (Cross Legs).


They make most of sub $200 gaming chairs a single manufacturer but re-branded and sold under different names. See for yourself on amazon.

It’s commonly filled with DXRacer Chair knockoffs drop shipped from china.

If you’re stuck on a style or undecided of which brand to choose from, amazon has a great reputable 30-day money back return policy.

Also, be sure to love over the manufacture’s return policy if you’re purchasing from the brand’s website. They’re usually 2-5 years, but some offer lifetime guarantees.

Gaming Chair VS Office Chairs


Related Questions

Some F.A.Q. Answered On Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

Yes, however, these types will cost you. For professionals and serious sitters, I would recommend looking into an ergonomic office chair.


An ergonomic chair that sold by a respected brand that has a proven track record.

Unlike a traditional office chair, ergonomic office chairs support the natural curve of your back so you're less likely to hunch over.


These specialized swivel chairs offer better lumbar support which improves sitting posture while easing back pain, and is overall a healthier option for your rump.

The curvature aesthetic in these chairs was inspired by racing seats which are made to keep a driver from shifting around during a race!


There is no need for this design for a sitter stationary at their workstation, avoid curved seats because its limited movement and narrows down the optimal sitting range.


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