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Can Office Chairs Explode?

Can Office Chairs Explode | Why Choose Your Chair Wisely

This sounds like something out of a movie. Can office chairs explode? If so, how many times have these chairs turned into an unwanted ejection seat? We did the research and discovered the answer will make you think twice before sitting.

Repair Your Office Chiar | Common Issues & Solutions

Office Chair Broken | 15+ Common Issues & How To Fix Them

Sinking Chair, Squeaky, Wobbly Seat, or are your office chair wheels simply not rolling? Thankfully, most common chair issues are easy to fix; No Kits Needed!

office chair replacement parts & repair guide

Replacement Parts Guide For Chairs – Office, Ergonomic, & Gaming

So if you’re reading this, that probably means your swivel chair is breaking apart. Depending on the wear and tear, there might be a way to squeeze a few more sitting sessions with it.

Music Chairs

Are Chairs For Musicians Worth It? We Found 7 Picks That Will Change Your Mind

Does Your Back Hurt After Jamming Out? It Might Be What Your Sitting In! There are chairs specifically created for a musician and here is why they’re essential to learning proper technique.

sitting desk vs standing desk

Ergonomic Workstations For Your Health? Standing Desk Vs Sitting Desk

Recent hype around standing desks has brought up the importance of ergonomic workstations. We answer why they matter and the differences in sitting vs standing.

Traveling & Sitting

Sitting Tips for Bad Back Travelers

You probably never realized how sensitive your tail-bone actually is until you unfortunately land on it the wrong way. Another less known situation where your tailbone can be fickle is when you sit for an extended period.



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