How To Stay Warm Sitting At A Sporting Event

Whether you’re cheering for your sports team or relaxing besides a hole ice fishing. In these situations, staying warm ain't easy. Here are tips on staying toasty while sitting through tough terrain.
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Prepare For Cold Conditions, Dress In Warm Layers

First Things First, Check The Weather Forecast Before Going Out!
Keep something on you for protection from the rain such as a poncho, umbrella, or water resistant jacket. Keep a scarf around your neck in case it gets windy.

10 Easy Ways To Stay Warm When It’s Chilly

Keeping Your Head Protected by Wearing An Insulated Knit Hat Silly!

Even if you are not a hat guy, keep it on because nobody looks hot with a runny nose. If you are worried about ruining your hair, use a headband. Old-time aviator hats work best, those obnoxious hats with earflaps and puffy fur top.

  1. Hand Warmers (Insert Into Gloves)
  2. Under Thermals (Long Johns/ Legged Underwear)
  3. Thick Socks, NO Ankle Socks!
  4. Hoodie + Vest + Jacket = Cozy Times
  5. Flannel Lined Jeans
  6. Cuffed Knit Hat
  7. Touch Sensitive Gloves or Fingerless Gloves (For Easy Phone Use )
  8. Blankets & Or Stadium Seat Cushion
  9. Drinking Something Warm & Hold It Between Your Hands
  10. Dance, Cheer, or do Both

When attending a sporting event another way to stay warm is by getting moving, like taking a trip to the concession stand, but if your team is winning–cheering is more fun.

If you’re feeling saucy, stay warm like veteran football players by applying Vaseline on your face to lessen wind chill.

Bring Toastie Snacks Like Soup Or Cocoa

Don’t get crazy, but you can fit a lot within a thermos.

If liquid lunch won’t keep the cold away than pack a thermos with another form of liquid lunch, soup! For the non-soup people I recommended Coffee, Hot Cocoa or Tea.

Insulate Your Feet With Waterproof Boots

Double cotton socks or a thick pair of wool socks. You won’t be sorry!

Your boots are made for walkin’ and if you want to stay safe on slick surfaces, make sure your footwear has a good grip and just what they’ll do.

Warm Up Those Sports Stadium Benches

Use A Seat Heater Cushion On Bitterly Cold Metal Benches!
Instead of sitting on a bench in the bitter cold, save your butt from frostbite by bringing a heated seat pad. These portable warming stadium seat pads work up to 2 hours upon getting filled with hot water.

Sheenive Stadium Seat

Besides keeping your bottom comfortable, the second best feature are convenient pockets. There are two of them, one on the side and the other between your legs for safe keeping.

It conveniently folds into two and the strap or hand for this portable seat makes it easy to travel with.

How To Stay Warm Sitting At A Sporting Event 1How To Stay Warm Sitting At A Sporting Event 2

Link to Sheenive Seat*

POP Design The Hot Seat Heater

If you’re competing for the coziest seat at the game. This is the way. With a snack side pocket, cup holder, USB charged, heated cushion it is going to be hard to stand up and cheer.

All the bells and whistles are nice but what really makes this VIP Seating compared to its competitors is the armrest and waterproof anti-slip bottom.

How To Stay Warm Sitting At A Sporting Event 3How To Stay Warm Sitting At A Sporting Event 4

Link to the POP Hot Seat*

staying warm Somewhere Windy,
When There Is Absolutely Nowhere To Hide!?

Sometimes the stadium is a field behind a school, seats are on the sidelines, and the players you are watching kinda stink at the game.
Soccer moms, the smart ones are bringing weather resistant one-person tents. These are game changers and turn those freezing sideline seats into premium C.Y.O. box seats.

Notable Features

  • Easy to set up with just 3 easy steps.

  • Wind & Rain Resistant.

  • Enough space for two.

  • Lightweight & portable.

How To Stay Warm Sitting At A Sporting Event 5How To Stay Warm Sitting At A Sporting Event 6

No tent – No problem.

Three other ways to stay warm is snaking, moving about, or bundling up with blankets. I think doing all three combines will offer the protection of a tent.

The R.I.P. Boy-Scouts had a great way to remember what to wear in frigid temperatures; The Three W’s–Wind, Warmth & Wicking.

  1. The top layer is wind and water resistant.
  2. The middle layer is thick and the main layer for warmth.
  3. The most inner layer is the wick and protects against perspiration.
Warm Sitting
The Elements of Skating: Attitude is Everything 1805, CC0 Public Domain Designation

Related Questions

Helpful Info About Staying Warm While Sitting & Some F.A.Q. Answered

Down jackets or coats offer the best combination of insulation and weight.

Other than staying active, players on the sidelines keep their bums toasty with heated benches. They hollow these benches out of pieces of fiberglass that get powered with 170,000 Btus.


They also dress in layers, wear parkas in between plays, and have “hot hats” under their helmets. Along with these ways of keeping warm, it blast the entire side lines with hot fair from fans to keep the area around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yes, there are actually a few to select from in a variety of upholstery.

These chairs sometimes are equipped with massage features. They look like a changed budget executive chair.


If you are happy with your current office chair but are interested in a heated office chair, checkout a standalone heated seat cushion, I also recommend staying clear from leather materials because they are on the sweaty side, electric heat pad aside.


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