The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million?

Historic antiques, famous chairs with back-story, and of course the top of the line in modern ergonomics. This list contains a bit of everything.


Don’t Spoil It For Me, Lets Start at #25

Worlds Most Expensive Chairs

The Most Expensive Chairs List

Historic antiques, famous chairs with stories, or the top of the line in modern ergonomics.

This list contains a bit of everything; starts out consumer grade and tops off the list with works of art.

Apologize in advanced for any chairs out there I may have missed.

# Name of Chair Price
19 G PLAN 6250 CHAIR $16,000
8 THE ONYX CHAIR $140,000
4 THE SKULL CHAIR $500,000
1 THE DRAGON'S CHAIR $28,341,909

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Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad Executives Chair | $2559

Herman Millers Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair lives up to its name as its “sitting pocket”
A.K.A. Seat constructed to not flatten or clump with use but subtly conform to the body’s shape.
  • 100% full grain premium contract-grade MCL leather cushions.
  • The sling seat back suspensions is a rich blend of wool and rayon.
  • Unconventional design, only 4 support legs opposed to the usual 5 legs.
Herman Miller Eames Executive Chair, 25 Most Exspensive Chair
© Herman Miller

We base the durability of the Eames Executive on the high quality materials used and the simplicity of the design.

With fewer parts for something to go wrong, making this chair also lightweight and easy to move about.


Spectrum West Work Chair | $2650

This is the perfect chair to go with your vintage iMac G5.

Why might you ask? Well, because the Spectrum West Work Chair is silly looking and not much of a range in terms of aesthetics. Never the less, it’s still shy of three thousand dollars.

  • Made with high quality durable acrylic.
  • Waterfall style seating.
  • 2D non adjustable armrest.
Spectrum West Work Chair | #24 Most Expensive Chairs
© Spectrum West

Well known for their unique style of furniture, Design house Spectrum Limited is one of the few to manufacture chairs using cast from a single sheet of high-quality polycast acrylic.

Their most iconic acrylic piece is the Spectrum West Work Chair, which is a swivel office chair equipped with pneumatic adjuster that sits on a five-star base of double casters.

The office chair’s armrest is stationary, and the backrest lacks lumbar support.

Similar to clear framed glasses, this is all about stating a message.


Arper Aston Executive Chair | $3695

Design in 2006 by Jean-Marie Massaud, the Aston is a boss’s chair.
Available at three different heights to fit every sized boardroom or home office.

This chair has a high back that is held together by a durable metal frame and injection-molded foam cushions.

  • Available in a variety of upholstery and colors, making it a popular choice among interior designers.
  • This chair is all about the angles, it has a modern “techie” aesthetic.
  • Footrest sold separately, but will transform this work chair into a lounge chair.
The Aston by Arper | 23 Most Expensive Chairs
© Arper

The Aston Executive Chair is available for all shapes and sizes–is shipped out in three sizes, low-back, medium-back and high-back.

The Aston assembled with all top tier ergonomics and built to last for years.

The modern design is simple yet elegant and supported by a durable steel frame that filled with injection-molded foam cushions.


Herman Miller Eames Executive Work Chair| $4692

A timeless design made with premium materials.
What makes this executive chair "Boss" is the finely detailed leather and thick cushions on the armrest.
  • The seat, back, and arm-rest cushions are contoured and cushioned in thick foam 4½ inches in the seat, 3 inches in the back, 26.5″ inches of padded armrest.


  • This seat height is a modest 20″ inches while the width is 26.5″ inches.


  • Black finished 5 legged base sitting on top of durable dual wheel casters.

Herman Miller Eames Executive Chair | 22 Most Expensive Chair© Herman Miller

Just from a glancing at the Eames Executive Chair’s seat pad, you can tell its primary intention was to sit comfortably as it looks.

As beautiful as it is, user reviews state that the leather can take a bit to break in and the lack of lumbar support makes long-term sitting uncomfortable.


Vitra Grand Executive Chair Low-back Chair| $5240

With curves in all the right places, the Virtra Grand Executive Chair is the low-back edition in the Virtra Grand Executive Series.
A triple threat in looks, feel, and ergonomics.
  • Available in a variety of upholstery and colors, making it a popular choice among interior designers.
  • This chair is all about the angles, it has a modern “techie” aesthetic.
Virtra Grand Executive Lowback Chair | 21 Most Expensive Chairs
© Virtra

Created by Antonio Citterio in 2015, Virtra released their Grand Executive Chair Series, which provides the perfect combination of elegance and ergonomics.

The soft curves of the low-back have a unique futuristic, and this is not only skin deep.

The Grand Executive series upholstery hand-crafted together using premium grade leather complimented with Virtras proprietary “FlowMotion” mechanism.


Vitra Skape Executive Highback Chair | $6825​

With curves in all the right places
The Virtra Grand Executive Chair is the low-back edition in the Virtra Grand Executive Series.

A triple threat in looks, feel, and ergonomics.

  • Available in a variety of upholstery and colors making it a popular choice among interior. designers.
  • This chair is all about the angles, it has a modern “techie” aesthetic.
Virtra Skape Highback Chair | 20 Most Expensive Chairs
© Virtra

The bigger edition to #21 on our list. Also created by Antonio Citterio in 2015; Virtra Grand Executive High-back Chair provides a CEO’s worthy chair without sacrificing ergonomics found in lesser looking chairs.

The unique futuristic look to this high-back variant vividly reminds me of Startreks captain’s chair

Virtras proprietary “FlowMotion” mechanism gives the sitter custom lumbar support that hugs their frame and promotes proper posture.


Wegner Swivel Chair | $12,500

Kind of school chair "elementary" vibe in this chair.
Unfortunately, this chair cost about one semester's tuition price.
  • Available in a variety of wood stains including Soap treated, Oil treated, & Lacquered.
  • Minimal aesthetic that has a one piece back rest and only four casters for structure.
  • Available in a variety of wood such as Oak, Ash & Cherry.
Wegner Swivel Chair | 19 Most Expensive Chairs
© Wegner

Unlike most chairs on this list, trying to look all fancy and expensive.

The Wegner Swivel Chair does the opposite and disguises itself as a children’s chair.

Not that this piece of furniture isn’t stunning… it’s just elementary looking and overpriced.

Ergonomically designed but at a one size fits all size. The leather seat description is a soft “naked” leather that changes in color with time.


G Plan 6250 'Bloefeld' Chair | $16,000

Originally a premium swivel chair commonly found in British boardrooms.
It quickly became identified as the iconic villain's chair after it featured in the film.

‘You Only Live Twice, the fifth James Bond film. In 2014, they purchased the original chair from the movie at an auction for $16,000.

The 6250, sometimes known as the Bloefeld chair, has been discontinued since 1982.

In 2012, they reintroduced it as ‘The Sixth-Two Chair’. We can purchase these iconic pieces of furniture at the fraction of this sale.

  • The most famous variant of the G Plan 6250 has black vinyl upholstery.
  • In 1967, The G Plan 6250 chair became synonymous with villains after it being seen in James Bond, You Only Live Twice.
  • The 6250 re-released on its 60th anniversary as the ‘The Sixty-Two’ in over 50 different upholstery covers and also has an ottoman sold separately.
Blofeld, G Plan 6250 Chair | Most Expensive Chairs List
© Image Provided By FilmAndFurniture
Donald Pleasence as Blofeld in You Only Live Twice (1967)

The Elysium Chair Design by Dr. David Wickett | $26,000

Roles-Royces, perhaps the most prestigious car manufacturers, had one of the most prestigious chairs on display at their dealerships.
The Elysium R from David Hugh Ltd. is praised among designers for being the most modern chair available.

  • Anodized pure aluminum armrests.
  • Aniline leather upholstery.c
  • Actual Gold frame for luxurious support.

The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 1 | ChairPickrImage Provided By David Hugh

David Hugh charges such a high price because their seat supposedly feels “weightless” because of its anti-gravity technologies.

This chair also has no adjustable levers and instead controlled by our bodily moments.

Using the latest in ergonomics, mathematics, and high-quality materials, this futuristic chair eases aches using negative gravity!


JK Rowling's Harry Potter Chair | $29,117

This average chair has more to it than meets the eye.
Author J.K. Rowling wrote the first two Harry Potter books in this chair. The “fan painting” was later added and I think it gives it a cheeky touch.
  • J.K. Rolling wrote both Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets were written sitting in this chair.
  • On the backrest and legs, painted in gold and rose colors: “You may not / find me pretty ~ / but don’t judge/on what you see.”
  • J.K. Rolling signed the back of this chair as well as the front.
JK Rowling, Harry Potter Chair | 15 Most Expensive Chairs
© Heritage Auctions

The ground work to the world of Harry Potter was written in this chair; Rowling herself stated “I wrote Harry Potter while sitting on this chair”.

I could imagine the internal struggle between finishing up a page – not wanting to get up but having increasingly worse sitters fatigue.


Bolotas Chair by the Campana Brothers | $38,000

Every wondered what it’d be like to sit on the poo emoji?
For just under $40K you can live the dream. 💩 jokes aside, this iconic piece is handmade from gigantic strings of rope by the famous Brazilian design duo, the Campana Brothers.
  • A work of art that is as collectable as it is comfortable.
  • Handmade from premium materials, Sheep’s wool and Ipê wood.
  • Was on display at world-class museums, such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Museum of Modern Art, Sao Paulo; the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Musée Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris; the Vitra Design Museum and the Weil am Rhein.
The Bolotas Armchair | 17 Most Expensive Chairs
© Campana Brothers

The seat of the Vermelha Chair is painstakingly made using only string. Knowing this process takes an incredible amount of time and skill; the Bolotas Chair is much more impressive. 

The material used in fabricating this piece is the string made from sheep’s wool, and its legs are carved from Ipê  wood.

This chair is so beloved among the posh they have featured it at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Martin Baker MK3 Ejection Seat Chair | $39,995

Originally provided a safe escape for aircraft service people.
It has helped save 255 lives and was first used on November 1st, 1955. For just under $40k, the MK3 will really add chutzpah to your aviation simulation experience.
The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 2 | ChairPickr
© Image Provided by Martin Baker
  • Available in a variety of upholstery and colors, making it a popular choice among interior designers.
  • This chair is all about the angles, it has a modern “techie” aesthetic.

The Mk2 automatic seats were successful in providing a safe escape from the aircraft in service at the period, but there was still room for improvement at very low altitudes and very high speeds. In addition, aircraft such as the Javelin and the V bombers with their high-fin projections and higher operating speeds made it necessary to increase the height of the ejection trajectory, any increase also improving the chance of a successful ejection at low altitudes.

Martin Baker | The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Ejection Seats


The chair itself is actually from just one piece of copper panel that is hammered by hand.
The chair itself is actually from just one piece of copper panel that is hammered by hand. This chair reminds me of a villains chair from a movie, perhaps Meryl Streep from “The Devils Wear Prada”.

It does not look very comfortable, but that is not the point.

© Seomi International
  • The “From The Glitter Chair” has acclaimed international recognition for its unique aesthetic.
  • The time it took design this chair was impressive just 6 months from start to finish.
  • Resembles a pearl.

Kang Myung Sun from South Korea is the designer of this chair and was inspired by nature elements and their harmonious relationships.

KMS uses traditional lacquering techniques to design the base of her “From the Glitter” design. This is #3 edition of 8 limited edition pieces.


Getsuen Diamond Armchair | $67,000

If you squint your eyes just so, this chair looks a bit like a flower.
Who knows if the duo collaboration of Masanori Umeda and the Austrian Swarovsk were intending it to be.
  • The upholstery fabric of this chair is a high-strength combination of Kevlar and crystals.
  • This chair is originally thought of in 2001 and made in a collaboration of two Italian houses: Getsuen Diamond and Diamond Tatlin.
Getsuen Diamond Armchair | Most Expensive Chair #13
© Edra

The Silhouette Chair | $78,128

The chair itself is actually from just one piece of copper panel that is hammered by hand.
This chair reminds me of Pharell’s ‘Grammy Hat’ - basically I love it. The Silhouette Chair has an organic vibe and has a strikingly simple yet premium design.
  • This chairs base is crafted from just an individual piece of copper panel.
  • The legs of this chair are carved from walnut wood and supported by copper rods.
  • 2015 Winner of Design et al International Product Design Awards.
Silhouette Chair | Most Expensive Chair #14
© LINLEY London | Image credited by 1stdibs

This chair has a Long Island Hampton’s feel and extrudes bougie, others might protest.


The Xosted lounge Chair | $85,000

Designed by Philip Caggiano, this may be the most ambitious chair design on the list.
Caggiano has a background in high-end performance engineering to better explain the motor sport aesthetic. 
  • They made the molds of this chair from stainless steel S304 exhaust piping tubing.
  • This chair is all about the angles, it has a modern “techie” aesthetic.
The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 3 | ChairPickr
© Philip Caggiano Design


You could throw one of our chairs off of a building and it still wouldn’t break. A lot of it comes down to design and engineering, taking the same processes and hand-craftsmanship from the auto industry and applying it to furniture.

Philip Caggiano


Let's be honest though, this does not look like the most comfortable chair on our list.
A perfect chair rental for a 'Sweet 16', the Darboux Chair is a stainless steel mirror polished and a fabulous piece of design.
  • Design by Craig Van Den Brulle, 2013.
  • 100% stainless steel cushions sold separately!
The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 4 | ChairPickr
© Darboux Chair | Image Provided by Deringhall

With a width of 38 inches, this is a one size fits all chair.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this piece of art being used in a music video.


The Riemann Gilt Bronze Chair | $90,000

The older brother to the Darboux Chair and is more expensive as well (obviously being #9).
This chair is just as gigantic as The Darboux Chair, except curvier and bronze.

  • Design by Craig Van Den Brulle, 2011.
  • Design and Origin in New York, USA.
  • 100% stainless steel with a bronze finish.
The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 5 | ChairPickr
© Image Provided By incollect 

First impressions of this contemporary chair – it looks like a gold tooth.


Peugeot The Onyx Sofa Chair | $140,000

This is not the chair you want to fall into. Its evil villains and is a combination of volcanic rock and sourced the carbon fiber part of this chair from a complex material that has been used in the aeronautical industry.
  • Weighs over 500 pounds.
  • Two elements – One Chair.
The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 6 | ChairPickr
© Image Provide By Peugeot Design

Peugeot has been in designing products for over 200 years and has reached a new milestone with their creation of the Onyx Sofa chair.


Kennedy Cabinet Chairs | $146,500

This pair of historic armchairs were cabinet chairs used during the Kennedy Administration.
Notice one is much more worn than the other - wonder who sat in that chair, mostly?
  • They cover the seats of this chair with Chippendale-style black leather upholstery.
  • The legs and armchair of this armchair are mahogany wood.
  • They created these chairs to ease President Kennedy;s chronic back pain.
The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 7 | ChairPickr
© Image Provided By Sothebys Auction

President John F. Kennedy has been documented to have three variants of armchair made during his tenure at the White House.

This Chippendale style chair is like the standard cabinet chair but with higher backrest to equip a fitted headrest.


PlumeBlanche Diamond Sofa Encrusted Chair | $187,000

Created by a French design company, Plume Blanche.
This iconic luxury furniture maker went all out to create the billionaire's sofa.
  • The upholstery of the PlumeBlance is covered with finest white leather upholstery the market provides.
  • The buttons holding the couch together are  diamond-studded platinum buttons.
  • The frame of this sofa chair is solid mahogany wood.
The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 8 | ChairPickr
© Image Provided By Plumeblanche

Z-Chair By Zaha Hadid | $187,000

Like previously listed chairs, the Z-Chair is created out of fully polished stainless steel.
Designed by Ruy Texia with courtesy of Saway & Moroni, this piece of art was highlighted limited to just two dozen editions.

  • The inspiration behind this design was abstract geometry.
  • This chair is limited to only 24 pieces made.
The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 9 | ChairPickr
© Image Provided By dezeen

The Golden Skull Chair | $500,000

This is a legendary looking chair is something out of the compound of a Mexican drug lord.
There were only 13 skulls created and believed to each hold prophetic abilities.

When 3D printers eventually have the capabilities of printing metal proficiently, the Golden Skull Chair will be an ambitious design to replicate.

Skull Chair | Front View

Skull Chair | Back

Skull Chair | Back View

Images Provided By HAROW

  • This chair was made in limited qualities, only 13 editions were created.
  • The Skull Armchair was entirely handmade by Studio HAROW which headquarters is in France.
  • The Golden Skull Chair weighs in at an impressive 75 kilograms (165 lb.)

It is said that in 900BC, men came from Atlantis to offer the skulls to the Olmecs, who guarded them in a great pyramid. The Mayans then took over their protection, followed by the Aztecs. The latter, judging that the message dispensed by these skulls once they were all gathered together was too dangerous, scattered them throughout the world. The first was discovered in Mexico in 1878, and the last in 2011, the same year in which the Skull Armchair by Studio HAROW was revealed for the first time.

Origins of Studio HAROW & The Golden Skull Backstory

Pininfarina's Aresline Xten Chair | $1,500,000

The technology behind this futuristic chair implicates the high price tag.
We're talking prototype level price tags here; Research and development ain’t cheap.

The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 10 | ChairPickr

Images Provided By LUXO

  • The upholstery is made up of proprietary polyurethane coated Dynatec fabric that was initially designed for Olympic athletes.
  • Unlike the other top ten on our list. The Aresline Xten Chair is available in four colors: red, blue, anthracite, and metallic.

The Italian supercar designing firm, Pinifarina normally works on four wheeled people movers such as the Maserati GranTurismo or Ferrari Enzo.

Their rendition of the modern chair is stunning just look at those beautiful.

The Aresline Xten, this million dollar chair, appears to have 2D armrests! Overpriced and of beautiful, omitting customizable armrests remind me of Apple removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7.



It’s called a lounge chair, but is it even that comfortable to sit in?
The Lockheed designed by Mar Newson is one of the most expensive chairs ever sold. The person who can afford this piece of furniture can afford whatever medication necessary to ease sitters’ fatigue.

The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 11 | ChairPickr

Image Provided by dezeen

  • Made from a mixture of aluminum and fiberglass.
  • The prototype for this chair clocked in at $1.55M and was surpassed by its final version as the most expensive object sold by a LIVING designer at $2.90M.
  • The original design for the Lockheed Lounge Chair was made back in 1990 and is one of Mark Newson’s most iconic pieces after being used in a Madonna music video, ‘Rain’ (1993).

The Dragon's Chair | $28,000,000

This outlier on the list of the top 25 most expensive chairs is interesting. Just look at it.
The ‘Dragon’s Chair’ looks cozy and is aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a piece of furniture you’d find at Bob’s Discount Furniture.

The 25 Most Expensive Chairs | From $2559 to How Many Million? 12 | ChairPickr
Image Provided by Wikipedia

This chair was purchased by a collector of the Yves Saint Laurent auctions that amidst the financial crisis.

This chair dates back to just over a century ago (1917-1919) and intertwined with multiple owners.

The first recorded owner was Miss. Gray and the second was Suzanne Talbot.

Some sitters say this chair distills magical qualities, but who wouldn’t after paying $28M for a piece of furniture.

Honestly, it feels a bit quackery that an ordinary chair with little historic value gets purchased for such an exorbitant amount of money.

Tinfoil hats aside, this purchase – from the outsider’s perspective appears to work around to money laundering.

Famous Chairs Throughout History

Chair Name Appeared In Year (s)
The Captains Chair Startrek 1966-1969
Djin Chair 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968
The Emperor's Throne Starwars 1980-1983
Chairy Pee-Wee's Playhouse 1986-1991
The Ovalia Egg Chair Men In Black 1997
The Red Letaher Wing-back The Matrix 1999
The Hot Seat Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 1999-Present
Throne of Gondor Lord of The Rings 2001-2003
Dumbledores Chair Harry Potter 2001-2011
Dr. Evil Motorized Chair Austin Powers In Goldmember 2002
Hover Chair Wall-E 2008
Odins Chair Marvel, Thor 2011
Dr. Xaviers Floating Chair X-Men Days of Futures Past 2014
Anthro Verte Flexible Highback Batman VS Superman 2016
The Iron Throne Game of Thrones 2011-2019

We get deeper into the three above and a dozen more such as the Iron Throne or Dr. Xavier’s levitating chair. Interested in more about famous chairs in pop-culture?


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