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When To Replace Your Chair

Is It Time To Replace Your Old Office Chair?

Should You Replace Your Office Chair Every 5 Years? Do you notice while seated your constantly repositioning and after prolonged sitting you feel upper back ...
Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Are Gaming Chairs Any Good? 7 Things To Know Before Sitting

As the video game industry reaches new heights in popularity some questionably products marketed towards gamers.
Sitting Habits To Correct

5 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today

What separates perfect posture from poor posture. If your currently sitting using any of these five habits here are the steps to improvement.
Office Chairs Features To Avoid And Why?

Thinking About Buying An Office Chair? 5 Mistakes To Avoid & Why

Shopping for an office chair requires a bit of prepping and some research. 5 mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to regret the seat ...
Monobloc Chairs

Monobloc Chairs – A Controversial Symbol of Capitalism or Outdoor Decor?

Democratizing furniture or supporting global mass consumption of the non-sustainable? Monobloc Chairs are mysterious as they are a “Context-Free” object.
Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero Gravity Chairs | Why Are They The Best Out Door Chair?

First developed to help astronauts stay comfortable living in outer space. The chair position mimics the astronaut's posture during any space shuttle launch. This seat ...


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Hello, My name is Claude and I enjoy sitting comfortable. Research into what separates the good from the bad in the matter of chairs started when I made a new year’s resolution to have better posture.

You clicked here to find that first-rate chair. Why not stay and learn some self care?

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