5 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today

What separates perfect posture from poor posture. If your currently sitting using any of these five habits here are the steps to improvement.
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Sedentary Sitting Positions You Need To Stop ASAP!


Slouching Instead of Ergonomic Posture

The sitting habit that is the easiest mistake to forgetfully slumber into.
The most well-known type of ‘genuine’ leather use in office chair upholstery. It can identify its natural imperfections, you can see the hyde if you look closely.
5 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today 1
Correct your slumping posture with these three exercises

Hunched Over Neck because of Bad Workspace Ergonomics AKA Cell Phone Neck (Text Neck)

This is the reason I always make proper posture my NYE resolution.
Having the water resistances features of bonded leather, with the looks and feel of top grain leather. This type of upholstery is one of the most used materials for office chairs.
5 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today 2

Unequally Distributed Body Weight while standing or sitting with dangling feet

Every shift weight to lean on one leg whenever reading an interesting tidbit?
This is an easy habit to fall prey to and takes constant vigilance to correct it. That is shifting body weight to your dominant side. Dangling feet is an easier problem to solve.

Evenly distribute your weight; Standing or sitting; both feet should firmly plant on the floor. Remember to Position Your Computer Monitor At Eye Level!

  • If you’re sitting in a chair that is too big and your feet dangle, getting a footstool will correct your posture.
  • If you’re standing on a hard surface, using a standing mat or rug will save your feet from fatigue.

Sitting Posture

Correct unequally distributed body weight while standing or sitting with these three exercises.

Poking your chin up to get a better view of your screen

Another common form of poor working posture.
Avoid poking your head out like a turtle and instead keep your neck right above your shoulders, so that your spinal cord is more aligned to the head.

Any documents your working with should be at a raised position in front of your keyboard. Your point of sight ideally meets the top part of your computer screen, tilted around a 15° degree angle.

Correct your poked out chin with these three exercises.

Shoulder or Wrist Pain From Computer Use

Why your body hurts from a sedentary session at your workstation.
Using your computer, mouse, and keyboard for lengthy periods of time can create more adverse health effects than one may realize. Fortunately, we can curve these issues with a bit of mindfulness!

Is your keyboard at an ergonomic distance? 

An uncomplicated way to find out is to start by realigning your chair so it’s close near the desk so your arms run comfortably vertically with your elbows. This should feel more relaxing than tense and also avoid bulging your elbows out past your torso.

Is your mouse ergonomically positioned With Keyboard? 

If you’re the bean counting type then look into an external numeric pad for a more versatile workstation. To help ease upper back or shoulder pain, try switching the hand you use your mouse with.

Be sure that your chairs’ armrests are not obstructing any mobility and are set at the same level as your desk.

Correct your poked out chin with these three exercises.
5 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today 3

What Are The Benefits In Adjusting My Sitting Habits?

Healthy posture and body language affect your mood and energy.
Practicing safe sitting is not just a habit that makes you look closely, l it also can aid in preventing injuries related to sedentary sitting such as carpal tunnel and back pain.

The belief is that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken

Jeff Thompson Ph.D. | Psychology Today

Sitting up straight won’t only help increase focus, it will also help make a good first impression. Up to 55% of communication is via body language and sitting with poor posture will probably send the wrong message.

Good Sitting Vs Bad Sitting

Telling the difference between healthy posture and sedentary sitting.
Proper Posture Sedentary Sitting
Tuck Your Chin In Jerk Your Chin Forward
Relax Your Shoulder & Chest Out Avoid Hunching Over Shoulders
Let Your Spine Naturally Curve To “S” Shape Do Not Let Your Spine Slump Over To “C” Shape
Sit at a height where your knees bend at a 90 degree angle. Sit at a height where your knees are over your hips or legs crossed.
Your Head Should Be Leveled Out On Upright Shoulders (Chest Out) Letting Your Shoulders Lean One Sided Or Head Slant Forward
Equally Distribute Your Weight While Sitting With Both Feet Firmly Planted On The Floor Unequally Distribute Weight With Feet Dangling Off Seat.
5 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today 4
Sitting Habits To Correct

Related Questions

Helpful Info About Office Chair Mats & Some F.A.Q. Answered
Taking breaks for 5 minutes between every 40 or 50 minutes is ideal.

Getting up and walking around to loosen up is the perfect warm up to these nine stretches you can do from your chair that will take the pain away.

Depending on the cushion,  you may not even feel your sitting bone get sore compared to a wooden chair.

Besides that silent Ass-assin, the curvature of the seat can also have a negative effect on sitting posture. Finding a chair that compliments your body size it essential.

  • Cushions may just mask the pain with their fluffiness as your bones continue to rub against the hard surface.
  • Chairs that have seats that dip or slant forward might encourage your body to rest in an unnatural position.

There is more to buying an office chair than just testing its seat cushions. Here are five mistakes to avoid if you're thinking about getting an extra chair.

The Ideal Angle Is Between 90° to 120°.

For best results, Adjust the height of your chair to alight with your desk. Your elbows should pinch your body when you lay your hands on the desk to type.

Basically, More Optimizations To Promote Healthy Posture

Compared to the classical office chair, ergonomic chairs get equipped with better features to ease sedentary sitting. Ergonomic chairs offer more customization that makes it easier to get dialed in at just the right posture.

Here are the 5 most important features that make a premium ergonomic chair.

  1. Adjustable or Removable Lumbar Support
  2. 3D, 4D Armrest Opposed To 2D
  3. Thick High Quality Memory Foam Seat Cushions
  4. Tilt-Lock-Control
  5. Multi-Surface Dual Wheel Casters

These office chair features prevent our bodies from slumping forward (unhealthy posture) and eases tension, which builds up from lengthy periods of sitting.

Does office chair upholstery affect your sitting posture?

In broad strokes no, but certain types of PU faux leather are mostly used with budget swivel chairs. This association does not mean that this type of leather is bad for your back, but chairs that use this specific upholstery are less likely to have functional ergonomic in design.


We fully cover the differences in the various styles office chair upholster here; Leather Vs Mesh, Which is upholstery best for your back?


Asher CPT, Anne. “Understand Why Your Office Chair Is Causing You Back Pain.” Verywell Health, 8 Dec. 2019, www.verywellhealth.com/office-chair-height-and-hip-joint-angle-296775.Knighton, Greg.

How-To Clean Most Types Of Office Chair Upholstery. www.btod.com/blog/clean-office-chair-upholstery/

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