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Honore Victorin Daumier 1853 Lannes plate 519 Varient Meme | ChairPickr

Got Everything But A Chair For Your Home Music Studio? 🤦

We found 11 Ergonomic Chair, Stools, & special seats to help stay in the flow of making beats instead of beating your back up.
gaming chairs with speakers

Are gaming chairs with speakers worth it? We Found The 3 To Consider!

With gamers already having headsets capable of better audio quality, what other reason are there to sacrifice money that could be towards more ergonomic features?
Why are office chairs so uncomfortable?

Why are office chairs so uncomfortable? 3 Tweaks To Extend Your Chairs Life

No, you didn't gain too much weight the office chair just lost its comfort. Wondering how your chair got this way? Three things to help ...
Leather Chairs Vs Mesh Chairs

Leather Vs Mesh Office Chairs, Which is best for your back?

Do you sit and wonder about leather and or mesh upholstery in terms of office chairs. Each has their niche, but which is best in ...
Pink Gaming Chairs

The Best Pink Chairs That Will Brighten Up Any Gamers Setup

All pink colored chairs may be pretty, but that doesn't mean they are uncomfortable, So we did the heavy picking and curated 11 comfortable gaming ...
Office Chair Casters

3 Common Types of Office Chair Wheels & The

Knowing which two types of casters is on your office chair may save you from damaging your floor. Is it either soft nylon or hard ...


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Hello, My name is Claude and I enjoy sitting comfortable. Research into what separates the good from the bad in the matter of chairs started when I made a new year’s resolution to have better posture.

You clicked here to find that first-rate chair. Why not stay and learn some self care?

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