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Need helpful insights and honest advice to answer questions about your soon to be throne A.K.A. That new chair?

Body Aches? Try out a chair that encourages healthy posture and sitting habits.
RGB Wheels? If you’re Driven By that racing aesthetic, these seats can’t be beat.
If regular chairs Don’t Sit Well With your larger frame? Check out these BIG picks.
Want your room look’n like A Trendy furniture ad? Well, we found the chair for you.
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Looking For Your Dream Seat?

The sedentary sitting health risk is an epidemic that has gotten too little attention. Choose Your Chair Wisely!
  • Ergonomic Chairs

    Looking at the best chair that will help you focus at work and promote healthy posture? We did the research and picked the top ergonomic office chairs.

  • Gaming Chairs

    Two things are certain for gamers... Long sessions & bad posture. If your gaming with a bad back, we curated the best chairs for all situations!

  • Drafting Chairs

    What Makes A Drafting Chair Different? Essentially, they are raised ergonomic office chairs for high-rise desks.

  • Petite Sized Chairs

    Smaller sized sitters will find normal and larger sized chairs uncomfortable to sit in for extended sessions.

  • Bungee Cord Chairs

    What makes these trampoline chairs the best for chilling? The elasticity of the seat's material of-course!

  • Chairs For Playing Music

    There are chairs specifically designed for musicians and here is why they’re essential to learning proper technique.

  • Fold-Out Chairs

    Do you care about your future guest? Whether it be a game of poker, party, or an unexpected extra seat at the table. You Need a fold-out chair.

  • Beach Going Chairs

    Nobody likes to get sand where the sun doesn’t shine. While a blanket or towel is an easy alternative, they lack the support of beach chairs.

  • Kneeling Chairs

    If sitting is the new smoking, then what is kneeling? Why kneeling chairs are better than other office chairs?

  • Camping Chairs

    Taking a Trip Soon? Camping Chairs Are Essential For Bad Backs Travelers. Ground lounging is not a long-term option.

  • Zero Gravity Chairs

    First developed to help astronauts stay comfortable in outer space. These chairs mimic the astronaut's posture.

  • Music Studio Chairs

    Getting stressed, trying to concentrate on creating music? Have you ever considered the chair you’re using?

Sitting Center

You clicked here to find that first-rate chair, why not stay and learn self care?
About Me

About Me

That Chair Enthusiast

Hello, my name is Claude and I enjoy sitting comfortably. Research into what separates the good from the bad, in the matter of chairs, started when I made a new year’s resolution to have better posture.

The goal of Chairpickr is to be your go-to resource in helping people to choose your chair wisely.

You can learn more about who we serve, frequently asked questions, our origin story, and chair picking process in the about us section. 


Three DIY Workstation “Hacks” You Can Do At Home

If you’re feeling like a bootstrapper, trying to that reduce carbon footprint, or just want to save money; Here are our DIY hacks for your workspace and how to turn an old swivel chair into an ergonomic one.

Sit, Play, & Work Ergonomically Without Expensive Gear

Broken Chair? Don't Give Up Just Yet, We Got The Resources!

Troubleshooting your chair is not as hard as the situation appears, but may still be a challenge when you do not take it seriously. Before you read on, check with your chair's manufacturer's advisory information. Already did all that and still feel stuck?

Here Are Some Common Chair Problems & Fixes

Future Research & Past Development

Chair historians use the creation of Bill Stumpf’s “Ergo by Herman Miller” in 1976 as the start of modern explorations into comfort. From that moment office chairs became the forefront of ergonomic innovation.

Another industry leader Stealcase burned through $35 million in R&D, partook in 11 academic case studies, and took just under 5 years of development to get to the market.

Leather Vs Mesh Office Chiar

Stealcase continues to lead the way in ergonomic furniture research. One study of theirs was about recording the health impact from sitting in the Steelcase Leap Chair.

  • The results showed that using the Leap Chair in combination with health training groups showed significant improvements in work productivity and overall health.
  • In terms of productivity, Public Sector Companies saw 17.8% increase & Private Sector Companies saw 8.3% increase.

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Gaming Chair VS Office Chairs
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Gaming Chairs V.S. Office Chairs – So What’s the difference?

Other than the racing seat styling is there an actual difference between gaming chairs vs office chairs, or is it just another marketing shtick.

History of Chairs

The Quick History of Office Chairs & Their Origin Story

How have they changed and what are the most famous chairs in history? They date as far back as 7500 B.C. and have been supporting us ever since.

Gaming Chairs For PS4 Console
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What Is The Best Way To Sit If Your Casually Gaming

So you prefer playing video games from your couch compared to PC? When you need a the best console gaming chair to play comfortably, there are a variety of types that can match your style of sitting.

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