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These Chairs that will help you better focus by putting less strain on your back and encourage healthy posture.
RGB Wheels? In your dreams, pal, but we can still one-up your sitter with adjacent colored racing stripes.
Are regular chairs not enough for your larger frame? No worries, relax & sit back with these BIG picks.
Do you want your room look’n like that furniture ad for a trendy millennial? Well, we found the chair for you.

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Hello, My name is Claude and I enjoy sitting comfortably. Research into what separates the good from the bad, in the matter of chairs, started when I made a new year’s resolution to have better posture.
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Best Large & Tall Office Chairs
ChairsGaming Chairs

Office Chairs Sized For Large & Tall People

A well made big and tall office chair that will leave you sitting comfortably has gotten harder to find. Luckily I picked the best for each type of sitter.

Why are office chairs so uncomfortable?

Why are office chairs so uncomfortable? 3 Tweaks To Extend Your Chairs Life

No, you didn’t gain too much weight the office chair just lost its comfort. Wondering how your chair got this way? Three things to help extend its longevity.

Pink Gaming Chairs
ChairsErgonomic Chairs

The Best Pink Chairs That Will Brighten Up Any Gamers Setup

All pink colored chairs may be pretty, but that doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable, So we did the heavy picking and curated 11 comfortable gaming chairs that are mostly all pink.

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