Office Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Help Increase Business

You clicked here for a reason; That are you need to fill out your waiting room with guest chairs while complimenting the office aesthetic without ruining the fungisai.
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Waiting Room Chair
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Medical Room Chair
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Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Are Good Business

First impressions make all the difference, and especially in business.
Choosing furniture to compliment your office, waiting room, or any workspace displays your attention to detail and shows that the person sitting in it (Customer, Client, or Patient) is in good hands.
Office Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Help Increase Business 7

What makes a waiting chair unique?

Waiting room chairs are available in a wide range of variants.

They can have comfortable pads or cold and painful to sit with. Manufacturers create these chairs in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any workspace.

As daunting of a challenge it is to find the perfect waiting room chair. It’s worth researching into because a bad waiting room chair starts a negative experience, can hurt the sitter, and even the business.

If your looking for a truly unique chair? We found the Internets 25 most exotic chair designs and the first entry is not a bathroom tub turned seat.

What makes a fantastic waiting room chair for a medical office?

The search for the perfect waiting room chair all depends on mostly one thing… personal workplace requirements.

The prerequisites for quality waiting room furniture differ from other types of workplaces. They need to be professional, comfortably, and easily sterilized. This limits the upholstery choice and overall finish of the chair.

The ideal waiting room chair requires additional cost. To get the most out of your waiting room, create a list of must have features and start your research from there.

Classic Five Seat Design VS Single Seat Waiting room Chair?

These two types of seating solve the same problem, both have their pros and cons.

5 Seat Guest Chair
Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

The Classic Five-Seat guest design keeps sitters closer together and usually equipped with no arm-rest. Since they have to support multiple occupants, they usually steel framed with plastic chairs.

Individual chairs are easier to rearrange and have a wider variety of designs. They are best for less frequently used spaces and are more expensive with scale.

Guest Office Chair

If you’re working in a smaller space or want the furniture to blend well into the surrounding environment. Individual guest chairs are easier to customize.

7 Things To Know Before Buying Waiting Room Chairs

Questions to ask when choosing a chair for your guest, customers & clients.

Accidents Happen, That’s Why Stain Resistance Is A MUST

When its not your chair, they just don’t care.
  • Patterns hide blemishes better than plain color upholstery. Earth tones are also better at hiding dirt compared to exotic bright flashy stuff.

Save Your Chair & Office Space With Wall-Saver Design

Lets face it, people are excited to be sitting in your waiting room.
  • Curved seat pad will ensure no other parts of the chair will touch a wall when a sitter is leaning or pushing back on the chair.

How Long Will It Take To Assemble

Frustration free chair constructions is not always a given.
  • Most guest chairs are shipped with assemblage required. They are usually easy, but some overs-seas manufactures manuals can have translations issues.

How Will The Color Last Over Time

Trying to be fashionable is expensive when bulk purchasing of chairs.
  • They may be used for sitting, but chair fashion is always moving and switching from modern to traditional to steam-punk to etc – Choose usability over uniqueness when picking guest office chairs.

Easy To Clean (Steroidal Seating)

This is a MUST for medical offices and labratories alike.

The importance of antimicrobial seating components ensures that the chair wont feel gross even after multiple sitters throughout the day will. High traffic waiting rooms choose these seats because they’re easy to clean and more durable on average.

Complimenting Upholstery To Workspace Environment

First impressions matter and a professional office will ensure trust.
  • If you read chairpickr’s about my page, you’ll discover that I’m a chair mechanic. One tip is picking a neutral color so it can match in different scenarios.
  • Since I’m not an interior designer, I’ll point you to my go to aesthetics expert.

It Will Be Frequently Sat In – Double-Rub Rating System

The upholstery you choose should be durable enough for daily use…from multiple butts.
  • You can find this information when visiting a showroom as a code on fabric swatch, while online vendors have it in the features information.
Rating # of Rubs Best For
Delicate Duty 3.000 - Less Home Offices
Light Duty 3,000 - 9,000 Small Business Waiting Room
Medium Duty 9,000 -15,000 Average Offices
Heavy Duty 15,000 - 30,000 Hotel Rooms or Dining Areas
Extra Heavy Duty 30,000 - More High Traffic Public Places Like Airports
Medical Office Lobby Chair

OFM Core 407-VAM Guest Chair

This core feature of this chair is keeping it sterile and long lasting.


Seat Style: Traditional

Seat Width : 28.8-Inches

Upholstery: Vinyl & Metal

The padded armrest and thick seat cushions is designed for sitters across the size spectrum.


MAX Weight: 400 lbs. / 181 kg

Office Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Help Increase Business 3Office Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Help Increase Business 4

Link to OFM 407-VAM Waiting Room Chair *

The simple design of the 407 from OFM Core Collection is spacious and easy to clean, making it the ideal medical office waiting room chair. The rubber armrest padding and anti-bacterial vinyl upholstery make it easy to sterilize in between doctor’s visits.

This chair is suitable for all sizes, but caters to large and tall people. The seat cushion is 4.75″ inches thick and can support up to a 400 lbs. sitter.

The qualities of a good medical office guest chair are all in the OFM Core 407. Easy to clean, durable, and easy to match with almost any workspace environment.

  • Easy to Assemble.
  • The 4.75″ Inch Seat Pad.
  • Made With Durable 15-gauge Oval Tube Frame.
  • Some sitters found that the seat cushion caters towards big and tall folk.
  • Bottom seat pads wear off.
Real Estate Office Waiting Room Chair

Lorell Guest Chair Series (LLR68551)

This sturdy and cozy chair is made from premium wood tinted with an espresso color coating.


Seat Style: Traditional

Seat Depth: 18.75-Inches

The thick seat cushion makes long term sitting (waiting) comfortable.


MAX Weight: 250 lbs. / 113 kg

Office Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Help Increase Business 1Office Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Help Increase Business 2

Link to Lorell Guest – Waiting Room Chair *

You might find this piece of furniture in a waiting room lobby or behind a secretary’s desk. The Lorell Guest chair is a part of a series that offers plenty of customization.

In terms of wood: Mahogany, medium, cherry, walnut, black, and maple. There are also over a 100 types of ‘healthcare grade’ upholstery options to best suit your workspace.

The cushion material for this chair differs from traditional chairs in that it can stand the test of time. Take on multiple different sitters day in and day out. This is because the chair’s upholstery is tighter wound together and is of higher quality.

A solidly constructed chair that looks good and is comfortable to sit in. Quiet in aesthetic but will hide a ugly stain. The Lorell Guest Chair will last for years.

  • Easy to Assemble (E-Structions)
  • The Back Seat Pad Has Built-in lumbar support.
  • Made With Durable Materials
  • Some chairs were shipped out with poor quality protective wood finish.
  • Some more chairs were shipped out with parts missing.
Barbers Shop Guest Chairs

BOSS Office Leather Sled Base Chair

The leather sled base design makes it easy to clean in after a evening of hosting game night.

Seat Style: Sled Base Chair

Floor To Seat: 19-Inches

The contour back seat seating offers lumbar support.

MAX Weight: 275 lbs. / 124 kg

Office Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Help Increase Business 5Office Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Help Increase Business 6

Link to The Boss Leather Sled Chair*

Barbershops and beauty salons cater to many people and because of that you will find a wider variety of guest chairs compared to other waiting room settings.

Similar to medical offices, barber shops need furniture easy to clean because of the amount of frequent sitters. That in combination with everyone’s freshly cut hair scraps makes fabric upholstery, guest chairs and no go!

Leather upholstery is an obvious decision but on that is not is armrest. These will divide sitters between each other, but can look aesthetically displeasing.

  • Easily Moves Over Hard Surfaces (Wood Floor).
  • Thick Contoured Cushions.
  • Durable Tubular Steel Frame.
  • Some found that the Sled Base Chairs are hard to put together.
  • Screws do not fit flush the screw holes of the chair.
Guest Chair
Arthur-Haden - 1859, James McNeill Whistler - CC0 Public Domain Designation

Related Questions

Helpful Info About Waiting Room Chairs & Some F.A.Q. Answered

This rating helps in the rate of durability of office furniture.

In the United States at least the most popular rating system, the Wyzenbeek Method. This rating system involves materials rubbing over chair upholstery repeatedly using a mechanized robot arm. 

The back-and-forth motion that makes for artificial wear and tear is how the double rub name comes about.

If you want your chair to last the longest you should look for.

For most office spaces the best double rub rating to look for is heavy duty. This rating ensures up to 15,000 double rubs. To put this in perspective, it takes around a year for a chair to rack up 3,000 double rubs. This means the average chair will last around 5 years of daily use.

Natural Fabrics V.S. Synthetics Upholstery?

Depending on the manufacturer, both types offer exceptional quality. The deciding factor is actually just choice and the surrounding environment, in terms of aesthetics.


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